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Iran News in Brief – April 30, 2021



Long Lines, Protests, and Rallies on Friday

Based on reports from inside Iran, there have been several accounts of protests in Tehran, Isfahan, Brujerd, Meshkin Shar, Shahrekord, Yasuj, and Izeh County where people were crying for the most basic demands for their work and livelihoods.


Iran: COVID-19 Fatalities in 541 Cities Exceed 270,700

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Security Forces Open Fire on Locals Protesting Government Land Grabs in Western Iran

Riot police in Sarab Kahman village, western Iran opened fire yesterday on locals, who were protesting the cutting down of their walnut trees by government agents as the second stage of a plan to seize their lands. Special Forces attacked the homes and gardens of the villagers in the Kahman and Dar Tang-e Olya in Aleshtar and were met with protests by villagers. The Special Forces opened fire on villagers with live bullets and pellet guns, injuring and wounding many of the locals including women. The number of injured locals is still unknown but one social media report said as many as 120 villagers were injured. Iran News Wire cannot independently confirm this report.

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Iran’s Regime Has Abandoned the People Amid the Spread of Mutated COVID

The mutated strain of the novel coronavirus has swept across Iran. And now, there is talk of the Indian mutated coronavirus, which is far more dangerous than previous types, having entered the country. Covid-19 is so widespread that the country’s hospitals and doctors warn that the situation is very dangerous and that the country’s health system and hospitals do not have the capacity to receive more patients.

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Another Blow to Tehran’s Moderation Facade

Earlier this week, a “leaked” audio recording of Iranian regime Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif increased the struggle for power between regime different factions. Zarif acknowledged that the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) dominates the regime’s policies, especially the foreign strategies that have resulted in various terrorist crimes in the region and across the world.

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What Else Should Iran Do To Be Called a Menace?

Iran’s destructive actions in the Middle East are a major concern for the countries in that region and for the rest of the international community. Since the start of the mullahs’ rule in 1979, one of the regime’s main destructive activities has been its meddling in the Middle East. Terror acts, kidnapping, the foundation of extreme proxy groups and their support, misusing Islam in the favor of its satanic ideology, suicide attacks and many other acts are only in the favor of the long-term dream of this regime to establish a so-called Shia crescent.

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Four People Sentenced to Lashes in NW Iran in 15th Flogging Case in April

The Head of the Judiciary in a northwestern province said four people in the Ardabil Bus Organization were sentenced to lashes for economic crimes, in addition to other punishments. According to Tasnim state-run website, affiliated with Iran’s Judiciary, the Ardabil Chief Justice, Naser Atbati said the case was backed by the judiciary and the Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

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Iran news in brief, April 30, 2021

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