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Iran News in Brief – November 9, 2021

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Tuesday Protests in Iran

Following their Monday protest, angry farmers of Isfahan held a protest rally today in front of the Isfahan Regional Water Company to protest the official’s refusal to address their demands and resolve their access to water. The protesting farmer marched in the streets of Isfahan.

Today, ranchers in Mashhad gathered in front of the major’s office to protest against the destruction of a number of livestock farms in the Torogh region of Mashhad.

A group of retired teachers in Tehran held a rally today, to protest their living conditions.

The workers of Kuh Mubarak Petrochemical Project in Jask are still on strike after ten days. Today, oil tanker workers at the company protested and called for the payment of their overdue wages. According to local sources, the workers have announced that they will not end the strike until they are paid.


Residents of District 5 in Tabriz Clashed with the Police

Clashes erupt between the police and residents of Tabriz on Tuesday. Protesting the officials’ failure to construct a pedestrian bridge over the highway, residents of District 5 of Tabriz blocked the Tehran-Tabriz highway and caused tens of kilometers of traffic. Law enforcement forces who attacked the defenseless people were met with resistance.

Despite the industrial fabric of the region and the high traffic of workers and personnel over the highway, the residents have desperately tried to draw the officials’ attention to the need to build a pedestrian bridge and save the lives of passengers.


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Iran: Farmers, Retirees, Workers, Creditors, Hold Protest Rallies in Several Cities

Farmers in Isfahan rallied in front of the headquarters of the province’s water company on Monday to protest the government’s lack of response to their demands. The farmers have been regularly protesting the deteriorating conditions of the province’s farming industry and water shortages. The regime’s policies and destructive projects, including the building of dams without regard to the province’s ecosystem, have resulted in severe ecological problems.

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A Tehran Court Sentences a Young Mother To Stoning, Execution

The Penal Court of Tehran province sentenced a young woman to stoning. Sareh, 33, got married in 2013, and has a 4-year-old child. Her father-in-law accused her of illicit relations out of the marriage and demanded maximum punishment for her. The case of Sareh and Maysam, the man who was her friend, was sent to Branch 11 of the Penal Court of Tehran Province.

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Lessons From the Gasoline Cyberattack in Iran

On Tuesday, October 26, 2021, the people of Iran opened their eyes to the news of a mass cyberattack that disrupted gas stations across Iran and caused much fear and worries for the Iranian people. The gasoline cyberattack, which targeted the digital infrastructure of the gas network, disabled the subsidized fuel services and caused long lines outside gas stations throughout Iran.

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Iran’s Government Fears Another ‘November’ Protest

About ten days after the cyber-attack against Iran’s fuel station system, Iranian leaders are still happy that this event has been not become an event similar to the November 2019 protests after the government decided to increase the gasoline price. That is because society is in such a situation that any pressure on their living conditions could spark new protests, and this is a reality that the regime knows all too well.

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Intensive Bombardment | Missiles Hit Positions of Regime Military and Iranian-backed Militias in Homs

Homs province: SOHR activists have reported that missiles coming from the airspace of North Lebanon have hit areas hosting military barracks, the headquarters of a regime-backed prominent military formation, and al-Shayrat airbase where the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iranian-backed militias have been stationed in the south-eastern countryside of Homs.

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Two Iranian Citizens Shot by Security Forces

Farhad Zandi’s obituary and an invitation to funeral

In two separate incidents on Sunday, November 7, and Thursday, November 4, state security forces shot and killed two civilians in the cities of Sanandaj and the Bam-Reagan road.

The citizen killed in Sanandaj has been identified as Farhad Zandi, the son of Ezatullah. Despite Farhad’s car being clean in terms of smuggled goods, he was shot in the head by security forces. He was 38 years old and had a child. Farhad Zandi’s body was buried Monday morning, under strict police control in Sanandaj. The government has threatened the Zandi family about serious consequences if they speak to the media about this issue.

Another citizen, Ali Brahui, a resident of Sarjangal, Zahedan, was killed on the Bam-Reagan highway. He was shot in the head and lost his life.

Female Worker Dies as a Machine Pulls in Her Head

A female worker dies as a spinning machine pulls in her head. The scarf of a woman got caught up in the machinery in a spinning factory in Semnan, NE Iran, and pulled her head inside the machine. Marzieh Taherian, 21, was working with a spinning machine when her scarf caught in a ring spinning machine, leading to her death. The state-run ILNA news agency reported the incident in the Kavir Textile Factory of Semnan, on November 6, 2021.

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