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Iran News in Brief – September 27, 2021




Security Forces Open Fire on Locals in Sistan and Baluchestan Province

Today, according to the Balochi activists, security forces wanted to storm the house and arrest a citizen in Iranshahr, Sistan and Baluchistan province but they were faced with the locals’ resistance. Upon security forces firing on locals, at least two Balochi citizens were shot and wounded.

Supreme Leader Asked His Followers To Be Prepared

To consolidate his regime, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei used the Guardian Council to disqualify most of Iran’s sham presidential election candidates.

Ali Khamenei, the Iranian regime’s supreme leader asked his followers to be prepared for the dangers ahead. Talking to alleged “students” and the paramilitary ‘Basij”, he Khamenei said: “Facing a misleading campaign pouring in from a hundred directions towards the Iranian nation, something that wants to influence our public opinion as one of the targets of the enemies of Iran, Islam and the Islamic Revolution, “the explanatory movement” neutralizes this conspiracy of the enemy.”

Citing the threats against his regime, he asked his followers: “Prepare yourself, increase this equipment in yourself and literally equip yourself and enter this field”.


Sandstorm in Southeastern Iran Disrupts Visibility and Traffic


Head of the state meteorological office in Sistan and Baluchestan announced on Monday morning, that a sand storm with a speed of 112 kilometers per hour hit Zabul in the north of the province, reducing visibility to 300 meters.

“Dust from the storm in the northern part of the province is expected to gradually penetrate into some eastern and central parts of the province, reducing visibility as well as air quality,” Mohsen Heydari told state-run ISNA news agency. According to a report, the sandstorm has disrupted traffic on the northern roads of the province, and in particular the Zahedan-Zabul freeway.

Throughout the years, severe dust storms have caused many problems in the lives and health of the Iranian people. The latter is a byproduct of the regime’s destroying of Iran’s environment and the lack of proper infrastructure to deal with this crisis.


Unable to Secure Her Children’s Future, Mother Ends Her Life


Witheld from 5 months of salary and unable to buy books and stationery for their children, the wife of an Iranian worker committed suicide by self-immolation.

“Before my wife set herself on fire, we have been gathering in front of the municipality office to protest that our wages haven’t been paid, but no one came to help,” Mohammad Javad Erfani, a worker at Dehdasht Municipality, told the state-run ISNA news agency.

This worker, who was working for Dehdasht Municipality in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad province, has suffered 30% (TBSA) burn while trying to save his wife. According to Ehsan Tabeshnejad, the mayor of Dehdasht, the salaries of more than 200 workers and employees of the municipality of this city have not been paid in the last five months.

In June this year, the Free Trade Union of Iran reported another self-immolation case of three workers in front of the Kermanshah Road and Urban Development Administration. They were also protesting that their salaries had been withheld for several months.


No Public Trust in Iranian Regime’s Media


According to the state-run polling center, ISPA over the past three years, Iranian state-run media has witnessed a sharp drop in its audience.

“The low quality of the programs, the unprofessional political orientations, and the staggering costs of content creation of our media are the reason why the radio and television have relinquished their influence to satellite networks and the internet… Our newspapers have almost completely lost their media influence,” the government polling center acknowledged.

U.S. To Iran: Grant Inspectors Access to Workshop or Face Action at IAEA

Cleaning staff work before a news conference attended by IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi during an IAEA Board of Governors meeting in Vienna, Austria, September 13, 2021. REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger

Reuters – Iran must grant the U.N. nuclear watchdog access to a workshop at the TESA Karaj complex to re-install cameras as agreed this month or face diplomatic action by the watchdog’s Board of Governors, the United States told a board meeting on Monday.

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Raisi Is Pursuing a Policy of Feet Dragging to Advance the Enrichment Cycle, State-Affiliated Politician Says


On Sunday night at a state-run Khabaronline Clubhouse session, Ehsan Arjomand Haghighi, a member of Nedaye Iran Party said: “The Raisi administration knows very well what it wants to do with the nuclear policy. The government is pursuing a policy of feet dragging so Iran would meet certain achievements in order to use its cards for a future agreement. These cards are in the field of advancing the enrichment cycle.”


Being Deprived of School, 13 Years-Old Girl Commits Suicide


According to the HRANA website, a 13-year-old girl in the city of Sanandaj, Kurdistan province, committed suicide and lost her life by hanging because of being prevented from continuing her education. The teenager’s name was Samira Saeedi and she lived in Darvishan village, Southwestern of Sanandaj city. Samira, who wanted to go to the eighth grade by the beginning of the new school year, was beaten by her father and he prevented her from continuing to go to school.


Iran: Coronavirus Death Toll Exceeds 438,600

Iran: Coronavirus Death Toll Exceeds 438,600

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) announced on Saturday, September 25, 2021, that the Coronavirus death toll in 547 cities exceeds 438,600. The number of victims in Tehran has reached 102,906, East Azerbaijan 15,503, West Azerbaijan 15,598, Alborz 12,848, Isfahan 29,180, Ilam 4,178, Khorasan Razavi 35,925, Khuzestan 26,866, Sistan and Baluchestan 12,500, Fars 15,714, Qom 12,055, Kurdistan 6,902, Kerman 11,632, Kermanshah 7,794, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad 3,179, Golestan 9,940, Gilan 15,315, Lorestan 14,760, Central Province 8,018, Hamedan 8,268.

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Iranian Resistance Units Mark Beginning of Academic Year With Anti-Regime Activities

During the last week, across Iran teachers and retirees massively protested against the regime’s inhuman policies which led to spread of poverty. Across Iran, teachers demanded the release of imprisoned teachers. These protests took place at the beginning of the new school year and show the public dissent and outrage toward regime leaders. Especially when their slogans target regime leaders. Simultaneous with these protests, the network of the Iranian opposition the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) expanded its activities across the country.

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Unbridled Inflation Becomes Unbearable for Iran’s People

Millions of Iranians live in poverty while the mullahs ruling Iran live lavish lifestyles

Prior to the inauguration of Ebrahim Raisi as president, the regime in Iran was spreading propaganda about how the economic situation will change, and how the welfare and livelihood of the people will improve. However, statistics show that not only has there been no improvement in the economy and/or living conditions of Iranian households since Raisi took office, but many essential items have also actually become even more expensive.

There is no doubt that the regime needed widespread propaganda when it decided to establish a government-run by hardliners. Subsequently, with some reforms, they instilled in the public the belief that the living conditions of Iranian families will change with the new government.

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Family and Friends of Young Kurd Prisoner Killed Under Torture Protest Outside Tehran Prison


The family and friends of a Kurd prisoner who was killed under torture by prison agents gathered outside the Greater Tehran Prison to demand accountability. Amir Hossein Hatami was killed on Thursday, September 23 in the Greater Tehran Prison aka Fashafuyeh, a notorious prison located 30 kilometers south of Tehran. Social media videos showed Amir Hossein’s family and friends yesterday holding up large banners outside the prison demanding justice. They had traveled from the western province of Ilam, the hometown of Amir Hossein Hatami, to gather outside the Tehran prison.

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Two Iranians Detained for “Publishing Lies” on the Internet


Two Iranians were detained for “publishing lies and disturbing public minds” on the internet on September 2 in Divandarreh, western Iran. According to the state-run Tasnim News Agency, they were detained on the orders of the judiciary due to “received complaints”. Their accounts were also blocked by the judiciary. The names of the two Iranians were not mentioned in the report.

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Teachers Protest in 45 Cities Across Iran Demanding Inherent Rights


According to a prior announcement, thousands of teachers on Saturday refused to participate in classrooms and took to the streets in 45 cities across 21 provinces on the first day of the new educational year. In Iran, the educational year begins on September 23 every year. However, this year it began on Saturday, September 25.

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