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Iran News: Nationwide Protests Erupt in Iran Over Economic and Social Grievances

Iran witnessed a wave of protests today, June 10, as various groups across the country took to the streets to voice their grievances over economic hardships, inadequate pensions, and harsh government policies.

In cities including Tabriz, Sanandaj, and Bijar, retirees and pensioners from the Telecommunications Company of Iran (TCI) held protest rallies. The demonstrators demanded higher pensions and better living conditions, chanting slogans such as “Company with high income, what happened to you?” and “Company with high income, where did your income go?” These protests reflect the retirees’ frustration with the regime’s failure to adjust pensions in line with the rising cost of living.

In Firuzabad, southern Iran, workers from the sodium carbonate company entered their second day of strikes. They are demanding higher wages, better working conditions, and other essential needs. 

Similarly, in Rafsanjan, drivers of acid tankers held a rally to protest government policies negatively impacting their employment and livelihoods.

On Sunday, retired teachers gathered in front of the education ministry in Tehran, to demand fair pensions and improved economic conditions, chanting “Enough with promises, our tables are empty” and “Shout, shout, against all this tyranny.” Videos show security forces attacking the peaceful protesters and forcing them to disperse.

These protests are part of a broader context of widespread discontent in Iran, where various social and economic issues have led to frequent demonstrations. The regime’s inability to address the escalating demands of its populace and its aggressive crackdown on peaceful protests continue to fuel the unrest.