Protests Against Iranian Regime for Mismanagement of Water Crisis

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NCRI - Protests in Iran are escalating due to the water crisis millions of people are affected by. The protesters are criticising the Iranian government’s mishandling of the country’s water resources.

Iran Regime Will Soon Fall

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NCRI - The Iranian Regime is on thin ice and they know it, as demonstrated by the protests that were seen all over Iran on Tuesday night, during the national Fire Festival, and the Regime’s brutal response to it.

Iran: Statement of Amir Kabir University Gathering in Support of Detained Students

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NCRI - Students from the University of Amir Kabir (formerly Tehran Polytechnic) staged a rally and issued a statement in a protest against the arrest and detention of their classmates. They demanded to resolve the current security atmosphere of universities and abolish the prosecution of students detained in the early January protests.

Iran: Protest Gathering and Marching by the People and Farmers of Isfahan

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NCRI - Sunday Mar. 11, 2018, responding to the preannounced calls, people and farmers of Isfahan staged protest gathering and March.

Iran: Protest Gathering of 'Alloy Steel Group' Retirees In Front of Retirees Fund Building

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NCRI - Sunday Mar. 11, 2018. Protesting their underprivileged living conditions, the retirees of Ahvaz Alloy Steel Group, staged a gathering in front of the Khuzestan province retirees fund building.

Iran: The 20th Day of Strike by Workers of National Alloy Steel Group

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NCRI - Sunday Mar. 11, 2018. A Protest gathering was staged in front of the Khuzestan provincial governance building by the workers of the Ahvaz National Alloy Steel group for the twentieth consecutive day.

Iran Protests: Fearful Regime in Alert on the Verge of National Fire Festival

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NCRI - The regime’s security officials have expressed their deep anxiety over the potential escalation of anti-government protests during the fire festival, Chaharshanbeh Suri, to be held on the evening of Tuesday, March 13. This mood has been apparent in statements issued by Prosecutor Generals and Revolutionary Prosecutors of various provinces and cities around the country. In many cases, they have declared that they have set up a special branch to deal with violations and possible crimes related to Chaharshanbeh Suri.

Iranian Regime's Abuse of Human Rights Must Be Addressed

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NCRI - At the end of last year, millions of people in Iran took to the streets to protest against the economic issues that were affecting all classes of society. The protests started in the city of Mashhad and spread across the country. They quickly turned into anti-government demonstrations and calls for death to the Supreme Leader and death to President Hassan Rouhani. It was very clear that the people of Iran see regime change as the only way forward.

Iran Regime's Vice President: We Should Fear People's Hatred Toward the System

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NCRI - The first vice-president of Iranian regime noting recent protests in early January in Iran said: “It is the people’s hatred, anger, and grudge toward the officials and the system that should worry us.”


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