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Iran: Protest Gathering of More Than 1500 Depositors of Credit Institution in Tehran

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NCRI - More than 1,500 depositors of Caspian credit institution and those who see their assets lost have staged a protest gathering on Saturday, January 15, across the office of this institution in Tehran, state-run Tasnim news agency, affiliated to terrorist Quds force, reported.

The main demand of the protesters is their deposit and the money plundered by the institution be restored.

According to the news agency, there is news among the depositors about the merging of Fereshtegan (Angels) finance institution with the Caspian institution. For this reason, the depositors fearing their assets might be wiped out (plundered) visited branches of Caspian institution to take out their assets and demanded their deposits be returned to them.

Fereshtegan institution had invested 4,000 billion Tomans (1.24 billion dollars) of the 8,000 billion Tomans (2.47 billion dollars) of its depositors’ money in real estate.

One of the participants in the gathering said: “They embezzled, and plundered people’s money, there is no redress and no one hears our cry.”
One woman, who deposited her capital in the Caspian institution in Sa’adat Abad County, and now sees all her deposits lost, tried to commit suicide by throwing herself in front of a moving car but people prevented her.

Interestingly, in a reaction to the problems of the depositors of several integrated cooperatives, Caspian institution tried to escape accountability and referred solving the problems to judiciary and advised the depositors in these circumstances that they should be careful to not be abused!

Caspian institution received a conditional licence for its activities from the central bank in 2015. In the news about issuing licence for Caspian, the central bank announced, “This credit institution is now the fifth non-bank credit institution authorized by central bank, and it is agreed to transfer by specified method the assets and aggregating liabilities of «the credit cooperatives that were operating under the title of aspirations of Iranians» to your accounts.”