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Iran: A report on protest rallies of staff and workers

NCRI – Retired teachers in Tehran and other provinces hold a rally

According to ILNA news agency, in protest against poor living conditions and low pensions, retired teachers held gathering in Tehran and other provincial capitals on the morning of Tuesday September 27.

According to the report, the rally in Tehran, in which more than several hundred teachers had taken part, began at 10 am in front of the regime’s parliament.

According to some reports, the number of the protesters in front of the regime’s parliament reached 2000.

The retired teaches have already held several gatherings to protest against their poor living conditions.

Meanwhile, the retired teachers also held rallies in several other cities including Kermanshah, Mashhad and Tabriz.

“Mehr Pardis Housing” applicants protest in front of Ministry of Roads

According to “Fars” state news agency on September 25, some of Mehr Pardis Housing applicants gathered in front of The Ministry of Roads to protest against non-delivery of housing units on time as well as increasing the designated payments.

One of the Pardis applicants told the news agency in this regard: “Our units were supposed to be delivered in 18 months, whereas they’ve not only not yet been delivered but their prices have been raised as well.”

He continued: “with three children, I’m not able to provide 30 million toman cash.”

Pardis Petrochemical workers protest

Pardis Petrochemical workers refused to eat at work to protest against mandatory implementation of work shifts.

ILNA news agency has on September 27 quoted the protesting workers as saying: “At the beginning of September, the employer has required the Four Work Shifts Scheme to be implemented, while implicitly talking about the possibility of cutting off or reducing cooperation with the workers who are opposed to work shifts.”

Reduced wages following a change in the work shift, having to spend less time with their families and being forced to settle in the area followed by rising cost of rents are among the main issues the workers are protesting about.

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