Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Iran: Isfahan farmers protest on water shortages continues

Zayandehrud in Isfahan is dried.Representatives of Khorasgan region farmers in the city of Isfahan protested outside the governor’s office in anger at the shutting down of the water supply and failure of the authorities to pay them compensation.

In fear of continuous protests, the governor met with the representatives but talks failed and the farmers continued their protest outside the Agriculture Organization.

Last year, furious farmers set fire to three buses carrying security forces, before several were killed and injured in violent clashes near the city of Isfahan.

Iran is facing an environmental disaster as its rivers run dry – while the state squanders money on nuclear weapons, war and repression.

The disappearance of perennial rivers that flow all year – including the Zayanderud River in the Central Iranian Plateau – is throwing the livelihood of farmers into crisis.

The Zayanderud originates in the Zagros Mountains and flows about 200km to the east to the 41,500 km square Zayanderud basin where until now dams have been used to supply irrigation.

A member of Isfahan Research Faculty has said: “Almost all of Iran’s perennial rivers are dying because we have destroyed their resources.”