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Iranian Resistance unveiled mullahs’ nuclear site in Qom in 2005 but IAEA ignored

NCRI – Revelation of two secret nuclear sites east of Tehran by the Iranian Resistance on Thursday and concealment of nuclear facilities near the city of Qom by the Iranian regime which were exposed by leaders of the United States, France, and Britain on Friday heightened the need to impose immediate comprehensive sanctions against the regime. Any delay would pave the way for the regime to acquire a nuclear bomb.

The underground nuclear facilities near Qom were first unveiled in a press conference in Paris by the Iranian Resistance on December 20, 2005. Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chair of the NCRI’s Foreign Affairs Committee disclosed information about four underground complexes comprised of tunnels and installations serving the regime’s nuclear programs. He said: “The first complex is located near Qom close to the salt lake. This is comprised of several tunnels and underground buildings. Construction of the complex started in year 2,000.”

It was revealed in this conference that these tunnels are used to hide the nuclear facilities, laboratories, and workshops, and to conceal various sub-sections of the regime’s nuclear and missile programs, in particular nuclear and missile research and command centers.

A special lead lining is used in the tunnels, which extend to tens of thousands of square meters, to stop leakage of radiation to the surrounding environment and prevent detection through soil or other environmental samplings on the ground.

The Khatam al-Anbiya Garrison of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) is responsible for the construction of these underground tunnels and facilities.

The Iranian Resistance informed the IAEA of the details of the site and called for inspection of the site and probe into its details, but regrettably, in the framework of the policy pursued by the Secretary-General of the IAEA at the time, it received no attention.

If timely attention had been paid to the issue, the world would have learned about the mullahs’ deceptions earlier.

On September 24, the National Council of Resistance of Iran revealed information about two secret nuclear sites involved in mullahs’ nuclear program.

Mr. Mehdi Abrishamchi, Chair of the Peace Committee of the NCRI said: “Resistance’s sources have managed to obtain information about two nuclear centers that are directly involved in research and production of blast systems, which is one of the most important parts of a nuclear bomb. The body responsible for this is called the “Research Center for Explosion and Impact.” It is widely known for its Farsi abbreviation as METFAZ. The person in charge of the center is Brigadier General Javad Al-Yasin, a veteran member of the IRGC, working under the supervision of Mohsen Fakhri Zadeh.

The command center is located in Tehran- Pars area in east Tehran. The academic research and computerized simulations using special software are carried out here.

METFAZ plans are put into practice in east Tehran along the Jajeroud river near Sanjarian village on the edge of a military road. In order to conceal the activities inside the site, it is surrounded by tall pre-fabricated concrete walls.

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