Gas cuts spark protest in northern Iranian cities

NCRI - On Monday, residents of Mazandaran, Semnan and Golestan provinces gathered outside government buildings to protest the gas cuts amid the freezing winter temperatures that have crippled their lives.

The State Security Force (SSF) has been dispatched to suppress the protest by angry residents in the north of the country.

The residents gathered outside the state-run gas company to express their anger at the regime for not paying attention to the gas shortage in Shahroud.

"Death to Dictator" shouted protesting students in Iran

NCRI - On Sunday, Iranian students in universities across Iran staged demonstrations, chanting anti-government slogans and calling for the release of the detained students.

At Tehran University, the protesters chanted slogans against Ahmadinejad and carried banners calling for the release of three fellow students who have been held since May, the state-run media such as Fars news agency and IRNA reported.

"The students marched on the gate and damaged it... The students chanted slogans and carried protesting placards," IRNA reported. According to the eyewitnesses, Iran's State Security Forces (SSF) had initially shut the main gate to prevent large numbers gathering for the protest, but the students broke the gate so that others could enter.

Photo report: Iranian students protest against the regime

NCRI- On Sunday, Iranian students held protest at Tehran University chanting anti-government slogans.

"Ahmadi-Pinochet, Iran will not become Chile!", "Death to dictator," "Free all political prisoners," "University is wide awake," "University is the last barricade," "Students die but will not be humiliated," "Mr. President the student movement will stand until the end", chanted the students.

Maryam Rajavi: Student protest reflects Iranian people's desire for rejection of clerical regime

NCRI - Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the Iranian Resistance's President-elect, lauded the students who staged an anti-government demonstration in Tehran University and rose up against the religious dictatorship ruling Iran.

Mrs. Rajavi added: In universities in Tehran, Mazandaran, Khorasan, Tabriz and Ahvaz, as well as in Ashraf (home to the members of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran), there is only one cry: the cry for freedom in Iran and rejection of religious dictatorship.

Dozens injured in clash between Sufi mystics and Iran paramilitary

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Dozens of people were injured and arrested when Iranian police and special forces stormed a Muslim Sufi lodge in southwestern Iran after a clash between Sufis and members of a nearby Shiite mosque, authorities and witnesses said Sunday.

Paramilitary forces attached to the Islamic Republic's elite Revolutionary Guard exchanged gunfire with Sufis as they backed police efforts Saturday to take over the Sufi lodge, where the group holds ceremonies in the town of Boroujerd, witnesses said.

Iran students hold protest against arrests

TEHRAN (Reuters) - A group of Iranian students gathered at Tehran University on Sunday to protest against the detentions of three fellow students last week, an Iranian news agency reported on Sunday.

ISNA, the students' news agency, said the three were held during a small demonstration at another university in the Iranian capital last Tuesday, which was held to protest against the suspension of some students.

"Death to Dictator" shouted protesting students in Tehran

NCRI - Iranian students opposing the mullahs' rule protested at Teheran University on Monday. The protest came ahead of a lecture expected to be given by the Iranian regime's president at the university.

Students shouted: "death to the dictator", "Detained students should be released".

Workers' protest in southern Iranian city continues

NCRI - On Monday October 1, over 2,000 workers of the Haft Tappeh sugar cane refinery staged a rally and chanted slogans against leaders of the mullahs' regime in the city of Shoush in the southern province of Khouzestan.

On their way to governor office in Shoush, the workers carried banners and shouted "we are workers of Haft Tappeh, we are hungry, we are hungry", "we do not want incompetent governor" and "honorable livelihood is our inalienable right".

IRGC Holds an Urban Maneuver to Confront Popular Uprisings

NCRI - Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) has started an 8-day urban maneuver in northern Tehran in order to confront the people's uprisings.

According to an IRGC member in charge of this maneuver, colonel Rezaii, Basijis(paramilitary forces) under the name of 'Ashoura' and ' Azzahra' battalion are participating in these defensive exercises which will continue until August 9. He regarded the objective of this maneuver as increasing defensive abilities of Basijis.

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