Strike at Iran’s Main Sugarcane Factory

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NCRI - The Workers Union of Haft-tapeh Sugarcane Company announced that workers of the unit have staged strike on Monday, December 25, in protest against wage arrears and the company’s failure to pay five months unpaid salary.

Iran Regime’s Beginning of the End

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NCRI - The recent protests in Iran have offered a sort of déjà vu for those who remember the last days of the Shah and the massive protests against him. Does this mean that the end of the Iranian Regime is in sight?

Well, there are some stark differences between the 1978-9 protests and today’s but it does look like the Regime is on its last legs.

Urgent Call: Iran Uprising: Free Detainees Now!

Thousands of innocent young protesters, have been detained and are under horrific situation since the current Iranian uprising started on December 28, 2017.

Their lives is in serious jeopardy, we must ask for their freedom.

Iran Protesters Evade Censorship With Internet Software

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NCRI - When the Iranian Regime restricted civilian internet usage in an attempt to quell the widespread protests across the country, it didn’t stop the Iranian people from accessing the net, just how they did it.

Software that evades governmental internet censorship, like virtual private networks (VPNs), is being readily used by ordinary Iranians so that they can still access sites like Instagram and Telegram to communicate amongst themselves and to the outside world.

Iranian Students Call for Release of Protesters

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NCRI - Iranian university students have stood up for their imprisoned peers by denouncing the Regime’s crackdown on students during the current protests in an official statement.

The University Trade Unions Council of Iran (UTUCI) explained that the Regime is very “fearful” over the current protests and using it as an excuse to pressurise students, trade union activists, and others in the groups most likely to be protesting.

Iran: Regime Change Is the Only Option

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NCRI - The Iranian regime is under immense pressure at the minute. The people have taken to the street en masse to protest and hold anti-government demonstrations. The people are slamming the regime for plundering the nation’s wealth on conflicts abroad.

Achievements of the Iran Protests So Far

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NCRI - After at least 50 deaths and over 4,000 arrests, the Iranian Regime has yet again declared the nationwide anti-regime protests to be over and done with. That is simply untrue.

Many citizen-journalists have risked violence from the Regime in order to post photos and footage about ongoing protests, and although the protests don’t appear to be growing in numbers or frequency at the current time, that doesn’t mean that this is over. Not by a long shot.

Human Rights Organisations Should Be Very Concerned Over Detained Protesters in Iran

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NCRI - At least 50 anti-regime protesters have been shot dead in the streets in Iran, 4,000 have been detained and are threatened with the death penalty, with at least two have died under torture in prison.

This is how the Iranian Regime deals with peaceful protesters and human rights organisations from around the world should be paying close attention, according to Iranian-American political scientist Dr. Majid Rafizadeh.

Statement by the Press Secretary on Iran Protests


Issued on: January 10, 2018

The Trump Administration is deeply concerned by reports that the Iranian regime has imprisoned thousands of ‎Iranian citizens in the past week for engaging in peaceful protests. Further reports that the regime has tortured or killed some of these demonstrators while in detention are even more disturbing. We will not remain silent as the Iranian dictatorship represses the basic rights of its citizens and will hold Iran’s leaders accountable for any violations. The protesters in Iran are expressing legitimate grievances, including demanding an end to their government’s oppression, corruption, and waste of national resources on military adventurism. Iran’s regime claims to support democracy, but when its own people express their aspirations for better lives and an end to injustice, it once again shows its true brutal nature. ‎The United States calls for the immediate release of all political prisoners in Iran, including the victims of the most recent crackdown.

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