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Iran Regime: JCPOA for the Americans Means, Behaviour Change Leading to Regime Change

NCRI – A state-owned newspaper affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) exposed some of the Iranian regime’s worries about JCPOA impasse.

In an article titled “Americans Point of View on the nature and Spirit of JCPOA,” the newspaper wrote on 15 August 2017: “Some media outlets and political news circles in the West predict the Trump administration is set to stay out of the nuclear deal. But what’s important here is that the President of the United States intends to break up the deal and introduce Iran as a factor in the failure of JCPOA. This is a delicate point that the Foreign Minister of our country has explicitly drawn to public attention a while ago.”

“Americans are going to disrupt the JCPOA with Iran’s expenses. The question is how do Americans want to get out of the deal with Iran’s expense and break up the deal? Of the statements made by the US authorities, one can conclude that they intend to accuse Iran of not being committed…” said Javad Zarif (Iranian regime’s foreign minister), according to the newspaper.

“Therefore, the government of Tramp according to its promises intends to collapse the JCPOA at the expense of Iran instead of tearing down the agreement, arguing that Iran does not act in the spirit of JCPOA,” the newspaper wrote.

“Now, another question is raised that what is the spirit of JCPOA and what are its characteristics and indices? What should Iran do in the view of Americans if it wants to act in the spirit of JCPOA so they are satisfied? “

This state-owned newspaper concluded in the end that the spirit of JCPOA is the same as abandoning the “revolutionary identity” (read export of terrorism) and drinking the next several chalices of poison, which is an introduction to the overthrow of this regime.

The newspaper wrote: “The coordinates of the spirit of JCPOA from the Americans’ point of view is the abolition of the Islamic system, abandoning its Islamic identity and its revolution, the identity that arose with the Islamic revolution. Therefore, the spirit of JCPOA in the eyes of the Americans is a behavioural change leading to a change of system and Iran’s identity.”