Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Iran Regime’s Official: Current Policies Won’t Save the Country From an Economic War

NCRI – “We can save our country from a military war, but not from an economic, currency one with current policies”, said an Iranian regime’s MP while acknowledging the embezzlements and plunders within the regime as well as Iran’s critical economic condition.
According to state-run Parsnews news agency, Abdolreza Azizi said in his plenary speech in regime’s Parliament on February 15 that “country’s monetary and banking system is suffering a malignant cancer which needs radical treatment.”

“We have an imported monetary and banking system, rather than a native one. This system paints a fake, credited value and presents it as an inherent one. There’s not a single day in which the news of embezzlements is missing. There’s not a single day in which the standard for measuring the economy, namely money, doesn’t fluctuate”, Azizi added.

“Swinging value of money in today’s economy is ridiculous, the same way that fluctuations of measurement units such as meter, centigrade, and Fahrenheit are”, said regime’s MP from Shirvan.
“We can save our country from a military war, but not from an economic, currency one while continuing the current path”, he pointed out.

Iranian regime’s representative from Shirvan said that “currency war is one of the major issues facing regime. It’s no less important than Iran-Iraq war, if not more.”

“For how long should we have the world’s highest interest rate? For how long should our people suffer inflation and recession. The blood flowing in country’s economy is currently cancer money”, said Azizi, concluding his speech.

Also during a clash of the rival bands in regime’s parliament on February 15, regime’s MP ‘Mousavi Larigani’ acknowledged regime’s economic crisis, saying “not only was the problem of recession not resolved, but it’s been intensified. Manufacturing, industry and housing sectors are still hibernating. The silence in industrial sites and areas, closure of manufacturing units and bankruptcy of many factories point to the ongoing heavy shadow of recession over country’s production.”

He then maintained that “every day, we see the gap between rich and poor in society increase, with the poor getting poorer and the rich growing richer.”