Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Iran Regime’s Terrorism, Cause of Destruction in the Persian Gulf Region

NCRI – Saudi political analyst Dr. Hamdan al-Shahry provided explanations to Sky News TV about the arrest of the Iranian regime terrorist network in Bahrain.

Sky News March 8: What is your opinion about the arrest of a terrorist network in Bahrain and confession that they are linked to plans of Iran and Iraq?

Dr. Hamdan al-Shahry: We always see the Iranian regime behind any destruction. Fingerprint of the Iranian regime is always on these things and it is not surprising. Bahrain has repeatedly faced such conspiracies and the Iranian regime has repeatedly tried to create chaos in Bahrain. The Iranian regime wanted to use the element of sectarianism in Bahrain to create chaos. Anyone who has seen or known the Iranian regime knows what they are looking for. The Iranian regime is trying to create militias through its mercenaries and provides them with weapons to stage a coup against the government in the future and abuse the country. This is the function of the Iranian regime. What Bahrain has done is a pleasure and we stand alongside Bahrain because it is not only Bahrain that is threatened, all Gulf and Arab systems are threatened.

The Iranian regime is trying to destabilize this country, separate it and then steal it and use it against other countries. The pursuit of terrorists continues because the Iranian regime continues this work.

What have we done to confront the Iranian regime? Do we have to stand idle? Or do we have to have a plan to challenge it, and to confront these terrorist organizations so that they do not operate like this.

We can do a lot of things, we can refer to international organizations or we can act like the “Decisive Storm” operation.