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A Telethon for the Uprising in Iran

A Telethon for the Uprising in Iran

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By Staff Writer

Each year a telethon is organized in the Iranian diaspora in which also people from Iran and all over the world participate in favor of the opposition channel Simaye-Azadi, "The Face of Freedom", this channel has been broadcasted by satellite 24 hours a day for seventeen years over Iran and worldwide. This year, the Telethon, whose theme is "The ongoing uprising in Iran," has started from November 30 and will continue to December 3.

پخش زنده سیمای آزادی تلویزیون ملی #ایران - ۱۰ آذر ۹۷

— Simay Azadi (@simayazaditv) December 1, 2018

During the past seventeen years despite all the obstacles, such as jamming by the mullahs' regime, this channel has operated in complete financial independence, without any publicity. A real feat.

Widely watched by the diaspora around the world, Simaye-Azadi is extremely popular in Iran too. its television news and its humorous flagship show Pakeshadi are viewed by everyone. The satires of the mullahs run on all smartphones.

The funding campaign to the media of the #Iran'ian Resistance(@simayazaditv )#FreeIran #Iranprotests#Telethon #MEK#همياري#ايران

— معصومه میرزایی (@MasoumehMirzaee) November 30, 2018

In addition to its financial independence provided by the help of viewers, the channel is also fed with information and ideas by its community that participates either live in many programs, or by sending on social networks.

The most popular program is the Telethon, where thousands of people donate by phone or internet. Many are raising money from family and friends around them and announcing the collective amounts live. It is possible to follow the telethon live on the account "".

Calls are flowing from all over the world and especially from Iran. If tracked by regime agents in Iran, the donor risks arrest. In June 2014, Gholam-Reza Khosravi, an oil worker, was executed for financially assisting this satellite channel.

حمایت اشرف‌نشانهای پرشور از همیاری: ای مشعل رهایی، سیمای آشنایی، حمایتت میکنیم
همیاری با سیمای آزادی، ما هم در همیاری بیست و سومین همیاری فعالانه شرکت میکنیم

— Simay Azadi (@simayazaditv) November 30, 2018

More than once the Iranian regime has complained of the danger of satellite channels because of their popularity, especially Simayeh Azadi, which is a very popular channel. During these Telethons, the helpers come from all the layers of the population, of all the ages, among them specially the repressed women are very active in collecting donations.

Modest donations, substantial donations, collective donations, everyone seeks to preserve this light in the night of censorship of the mullahs. This is why the Iranian regime regularly launch satellite dishes eradication campaigns in which the regime agents desperately crush the dishes under the tank tracks or the road rollers.

But the desire for freedom by the Iranians is much stronger than repression. We can all help by showing solidarity and participating in this inspiring Telethon for the defense of freedom of expression and information.


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