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German Parliamentarians Visit PMOI/MEK in Albania and Meet Politicians of the Country

German Parliamentarians visit PMOI-MEK in Albania

By Staff Writer

A six-member delegation, including German parliamentarians and civil society activists headed by Rita Süssmuth, former president of the Bundestag, went to Tirana for three days, October 21-23, to visit the PMOI/MEK opposition members in Albania. During this trip, they also met with government officials and prominent political figures in the country, and held a joint and major conference with parliamentarians and NGOs from Albania.

The Federal Parliament’s Representatives Martin Patzelt Member of the Human Rights commission from Christian Democratic party, Thomas Nord Member of the EU Commission from the Left Faction and Vice-President of this Faction in the Parliament, Otto Bernhardt Former Deputy Prime Minister and Member of the Board of Directors of the Conrad Adenauer Foundation and Mrs. Hille Gosejacob-Rolf, Executive Director of the German Committee for Solidarity with a Free Iran, DSFI and Christian Zimmermann, the publisher of Spotlight Menschenrechte’s Human Rights Newsletter, were other members of the board.

On October 21, The delegation visited Camp Ashraf the residential location of PMOI/MEK for 5 hours from and met with a large number of Mojahideen members, where at the arrival, were warmly welcomed by the Mojahedin. The Mojahedin’s representatives briefed the delegaion on the successful relocation from Iraq to Albania and their efforts to build a new site and emphasized that the costs of deployment and daily life and their medical services in Albania is be provided by the Mojahedin Organization.

Rita Süssmuth was surprised by the vitality of the residents, as well as the volume of construction that had taken place over an extraordinary one-year period, and said, “Your vitality indicates a culture and a new way of life, which is not well known to others.” She said: I constantly admire you for always starting from scratch and building again.

The delegation visited different places and After visiting the carpenter’s workshop, they went to the sports halls and futsal, volleyball and basketball courts, and talked to people, especially younger members. They also visited youths who are active in the field of music, arts, video clips, comedies, historical documents, as well as the medical center. Where physicians dentists and dozens of Mojahedin’s medical personnel as well as doctors and specialists from Albania and other countries were working and providing parts of the medical necessities of the residents.

Subsequently, the delegation joined a gathering of PMOI/MEK members who expressed their feelings to them. The residents’ representative expressed this emotion as a token of appreciation from the PMOI for the many efforts made by the German Friendship Group during the successful humanitarian project of transferring the MEK from Iraq to European countries, including Albania.

Otto Bernhard said that you had come a long way, but the remaining path to the goal should be short. The goal is to liberate Iran and we must reach this goal together.

“The power of your eyes and your vitality is motivating to me, and it reflects your belief in the purpose you have,” said Rita Süssmuth and reiterated that you are even livelier than when you were in Ashraf and Liberty. Keep Fighting.

Representative Thomas Nord said that always one of my questions was how people can keep fighting decades for freedom and democracy and still be motivated. I got the answers to my questions today in Ashraf-3. Each of you could have had a good life in a corner of the world while being opposed to the regime, but you have chosen another way and that you are fighting collectively which is important. I wish you and all of us victory on this path.

Christian Zimmermann said I consider myself an Ashrafi. It is now a matter of discussion in Germany and Europe that who is the alternative against Mullahs. I say: whoever wants to know the alternative should come to Ashraf 3.

Ms. Hille Gosejacob-Rolf donated several table tops featuring the flag of Iran to the women members of MEK and praised their pioneering role.

Then, Rita Süssmuth, along with other members of the delegation, presented a large painting of Reichstag (the building where German Parliaments meet) to the MEK representative.

The German delegation also met with Deputy Prime Minister Senida Mesi, Minister Pandeli Majko, Parliament Speaker Gramoz Ruçi, former Prime Minister and former prime minister and Albanian historical leader Sali Berisha, opposition leader and leader of the Democratic and Republican Party, Lulzim Basha, during the visit. And heads of two major Socialist and Democratic factions in the Albanian parliament. Albanian politicians emphasized on the success of the displacement project and the existence of a complete consensus among all of its parliamentary groups for the acceptance of the MEK. They expressed their concern about the expansion of the secret services of the Iranian regime in Albania and to counter the activities of the Ministry of Intelligence and the regime’s agents in Albania.

On Monday evening, the German delegation jointly held a major meeting entitled “Solidarity with the Iranian Resistance / Disclosure of Islamic Fundamentalism and the Iranian Regime’s State Sponsorship of Terrorism in Europe and the Balkans” at the Tirana International Hotel, which hosted a large number of political and human rights activists and Albanian supporters of the Iranian Resistance. they had. The conference was largely covered by the Albanian press.

Referring to the visits made by the German delegation from the Camp Ashraf-3, Rita Süssmuth said: we were surprised by the progress made by MEK, and that could not be possible without constructive cooperation of the government and civil society in Albania, she continued: They (MEK) have relied on their financial autonomy, and have provided funds for all their expenses and construction costs themselves. They are democrats, Volunteers, lively and active, profoundly against dictatorship and committed to the cause of freedom. Martin Patzelt said: the situation in Iran is very evolving and we are witnessing that the policy towards the regime is changing. Although Europe has been a supporter of a nuclear deal with the regime, but the Iranian Regime’s domestic and international crises, as well as its destructive policies and its support of terrorism, has made it difficult for Europe to continue supporting it. A serious crisis in relations between Europe and the Iranian regime is about the terrorist acts of the regime in Europe. Otto Bernhard called for the expulsion of official and informal agents of the regime’s intelligence services and said the German police arrested a Diplomat-Terrorist of Iran who was recently handed over to Belgium to appear before the court. The Iranian regime was pushing for no extradition. In this regard also another Iranian Regime’s diplomat has been expelled from France and earlier Two regime’s diplomats also had already been expelled from the Netherlands. France has sanctioned the Iranian Regime’s Ministry of Intelligence.

Europe has decided to limit the regime’s intelligence services in Europe. Since letting them loose at the heart of Europe will put Europe’s own security at risk.

And we believe that it is important for Albania to prevent the Iranian intelligence agents from entering into Albania. Because we have been informed that the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence here – Albania – is also very active against the Iranian Resistance, and we know that the regime is making a lot of propaganda. We ourselves have also been the target of this propaganda too, and given the long history of our cooperation with the Iranian Resistance, we understand the purpose of the regime’s propaganda. A regime that is overwhelmed by the crisis, and its future is strongly under the question, is seeking to discredit and attack this resistance, which is the main alternative of the regime. Mrs. Rajavi is an accredited democracy advocate, so we must try to recognize them in Europe. Her ten-point plan for the future of Iran is perfectly in line with our values. Mr. Thomas Nord at these meetings supported the MEK as the Iranian freedom fighters fighting for democracy and human rights and called for an end to the religious dictatorship in Iran.