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Iran: As women politicians we must side with Iranian Resistance- Belgian MP

NCRI – Expressing support to the rally of 35,000 Iranians in Brussels, Karin Lalieux, Socialist member of the Belgian Parliament, declared her solidarity with Iranian people’s resistance for democracy and freedom in Iran. The following is the text of her speech at the rally:

I think that a gesture of solidarity as this with a country which suffers today is very important. That’s why I’m here today to show full support of the socialist party of Belgium.
I think that through me, also undoubtedly, many Belgian citizens who want that tomorrow this world lives in peace and respects human rights in all countries, are supporting you.  
I am a woman, I’m a woman politician, and as such what concerns me even more are indeed the rights of women. I see also here that there are many women present today. I believe that in this fight women are in the frontline.  But if they are in frontline, they are also in the frontline as victims, they are the first victims. Therefore I would like to express all my solidarity with all women today who are victims of this regime, victims of laws that violate personal freedoms and basic rights of each individual. I believe indeed that as women politicians we must fight on your side so that your struggle will be heard much more here in Belgium, in Brussels, the capital of Europe, but also in European level.  
I believe that it is unacceptable that in the twenty-first century women are stoned, are killed simply for demanding basic rights, or are executed without a judicial process or the right to defense. This is what we want here, and tomorrow I hope that Europe and our government will begin to speak very clear in favor and in defense of human rights in Iran and will limit the relations with Iran on the condition of respect for human rights and particularly women rights.  
I believe that everyone here, you all show that you are first of all pacifists who want to fight for a legitimate freedom and rights that are recognized by the whole world. It is time that the European countries take their responsibilities in this. I wanted to say that of course I myself, but also many of my political partners will be fully on your side to try to fight peacefully for freedom and for human rights in Iran.

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