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Iran’s mullahs make a fool of Human Rights Watch

Press Release
For immediate release
19 May, 2005

Commenting on a Human Rights Watch report on the Iranian resistance and the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI) the British Committee for Iran Freedom said:

"Human Rights Watch has been made a fool of by the mullahs. It has accepted unsubstantiated allegations without asking the PMOI for comment."
"It is Human Rights Watch which is damaged, not the Iranian Resistance who seek the democracy and human rights the mullahs have stolen.

"This is no more than an attempt by the mullahs to take the spotlight off their nuclear development programme, their meddling in Iraq and their escalating abuse of human rights.
"The British Committee for Iran Freedom calls on Human Rights Watch to retract this report and consider comments upon it by the Iranian Resistance and the PMOI."

Lord Corbett of Castle Vale

British Committee For Iran Freedom

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