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NCRI, LONDON: A symposium in the House of Lords on Tuesday called for Iranian regime’s “human rights abuses, sponsorship of terrorism and nuclear file” to be referred to the United Nations Security Council, said the Press Association.

The symposium, held by the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom, also denounced the Iranian regime’s “meddling in the affairs of Iraq and the mullahs’ promotion of suicide bombers”.
In a statement afterwards, they said: “We question the British Foreign Office’s close relations with the Teheran regime which was responsible for the deaths of British soldiers in Iraq and whose paramilitary Bassij force had hurled petrol bombs at the British Embassy in Teheran.”
Over 30 members of both Houses of Parliament participated in the symposium which was jointly chaired by Lord Archer of Sandwell and Lord Corbett of Castle Vale.
Speakers demanded de-proscription of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, as the main opposition to the Fundamentalist regime ruling that country.
It was also announced that 1,300 lawyers have signed a joint declaration demanding the British government to remove the PMOI from the EU’s list of terrorist organizations which was done to please the clerical regime in Iran.

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