Free Iran World Summit 2023, Onward to a Democratic Republic

Distinguished politicians join NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi in support of the Iranian people's uprising for a democratic, secular, non-nuclear republic government in Iran
Distinguished politicians joined NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi in support of the Iranian people’s uprising for a democratic, secular, non-nuclear republic government in Iran on July 1, 2023

Paris, July 1, 2023 – Distinguished international leaders and lawmakers are currently convening at the Headquarters of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in Auvers-sur-Oise. Concurrently, a large gathering of Iranians and supporters of the Iranian Resistance is taking place in Paris, as they unite to demonstrate their unwavering support for the NCRI’s strategic plan for regime change in Iran, aiming to establish freedom and democracy in the country.

The Iran World Summit, along with the Free Iran Rally 2023, will showcase prominent speakers who will address key topics such as the ongoing uprising in Iran, the threats posed by the existing regime, the viable alternative, and the imperative of adopting the right policies to foster a prosperous future for Iran.

During this summit, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the Iranian Resistance for the transitional period, emphasized in her remarks, “Appeasement towards the mullahs’ regime may lead to more bloodshed among our people and our resistance, it may lengthen the list of executions, and it may fill more prisons. Yet, it will be futile in protecting Khamenei from his inevitable downfall.”

“Just like the Shah’s dictatorship, the religious dictatorship is teetering on the brink of collapse. As you couldn’t keep the Shah’s regime afloat, you cannot prop up the mullahs, not even with crutches, nor by suppressing the Iranian Resistance. Regardless of whether the JCPOA is active or not, the era of religious fascism has drawn to a close, and the sun of its existence is setting on the horizon of its downfall.”

“I must reiterate. We neither desire nor have ever asked foreign governments to help our people and our resistance to topple the regime. Instead, we urge them to cease supporting the mullahs,” she added.

Maryam Rajavi’s speech

In her speech, which was broadcast live for the demonstrators at Vauban Square, Mrs. Rajavi pointed out, “We will not permit any compromise on the autonomy of the Resistance and Iran’s sovereignty for all the world’s wealth. We refuse to abandon our core beliefs, values, battles, and ideals to pursue power. We shall not endure the slightest hint of tyranny, exploitation, or authoritarian intent, be it from the dictatorships of the Shah or the mullahs. Furthermore, we do not depend on any foreign power to liberate Iran.”

She further added, ” Khamenei and his Guard Corps (IRGC) are painfully aware of the forthcoming wave of uprisings. Consequently, they call upon the USA and Europe to intervene, obstruct the transformation in Iran, suppress the leaders of the popular uprising, and limit their fundamental rights of freedom of expression, assembly, and political engagement under the pretense of security or national sovereignty. Is this truly indicative of 21st-century Europe?”

48th U.S. VP Mike Pence gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Mike Pence, 48th Vice President of the United States

I stand before you today as a former Vice President of the United States and as a private citizen. But I know I speak on behalf of tens of millions of Americans in both political parties when I say the American people stand for freedom and the American people stand for a free Iran. A secular, democratic, non-nuclear Iranian Republic that derives its just powers from the consent of the governed onward to a democratic Republic.

We call on the free nations of the world to support the brave Iranian people and to apply maximum pressure on the murderous regime in Tehran. And together, we renew our commitment to the great cause we share, that for which we hope and pray and stand, the liberation of the Iranian people from decades of tyranny and the rebirth of a free, peaceful, and prosperous democratic Iran.

The people of Iran will someday be free. And I’m proud to say that under the Trump-Pence administration, we did not turn a deaf ear to the pleas of the Iranian people. We did not remain silent in the face of the Iranian regime’s countless atrocities. We stood with the freedom-loving people of Iran. We took action.

We canceled the Iran nuclear deal, which had flooded the regime’s coffers with tens of billions of dollars pallets full of cash money that it used to repress its own people and support deadly terrorist attacks around the world. We imposed crippling new sanctions on Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard. We launched a campaign of maximum pressure, punishing the regime for its belligerent behavior and its assault on its own citizens. And we vigorously enforced sanctions to bring Iran’s oil exports to zero and deny the regime its principal source of revenue. We made it abundantly clear from the first day of our administration that the United States would never allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon.

We did not hesitate o take decisive action to stop the world’s most dangerous terrorist. And Qassem Soleimani is gone.

We live in a time that threatens to unravel all the progress that we made In marginalizing this tyrannical regime in Tehran. The Current American administration is working overtime to restore the Iran nuclear deal, putting Tehran back on the fast track to obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Appeasement never works and it never will. A nuclear deal won’t lead to peace and stability. It will lead to more terrorism, more death, and destruction.

I call on the Biden administration and leaders of all freedom-loving nations to stand with the people of Iran, stand up for the cause of Freedom and Justice, and cease and desist all nuclear negotiations with Tehran immediately. The Iranian regime has proven time and time again that it is incapable of moderating. Every olive branch extended by Western nations over the past 40 years, it has been unceremoniously broken into. Only a renewed commitment to maximum pressure can change the future of Iran. And that must include recognition and strong support for the organized resistance so well represented here today.

We stand for freedom. Today, I see that each and every one of you and all those gathered here and all those looking on. Just as the free world must stand with Ukraine, America will stand with the Iranian people against tyranny.

The truth is, the running regime has never been weaker than it is today. The regime’s sole focus is now maintaining its precarious grip on power, which grows weaker by the day. That’s likely why they selected Ebrahim Raisi to serve as their Iranian president. I hardly need to tell those of you gathered here just how evil race is.

Today I join you in pledging that his crimes will not go unpunished, Ebrahim Raisi is unworthy of leading the great nation of Iran. He must be removed from office by the people of Iran, and Ebrahim Raisi must be prosecuted for crimes against humanity and genocide.

While the regime has never been weaker, the resistance movement has never been stronger. Resistance units in Iran are the wellspring of hope for the Iranian people. They’re the engine for change from within during uprisings and continued protests. And every day they gain strength While the regime withers. With MEK’s leadership, teachers, workers, and retirees have courageously taken to the streets.

One of the biggest lies the ruling regime has sold to the world is that there’s no alternative to the status quo of tyranny and repression in Iran. But there is an alternative, a well-organized, fully prepared, perfectly qualified, popularly supported alternative called the MEK. And thank you Maryam Rajavi for your outstanding leadership and personal courage. You’re an inspiration to the world.

The Ten-Point Plan for the future of Iran will ensure freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, and the freedom of every Iranian to choose their elected leaders just last month. I was proud to join a group of more than 100 former world leaders calling on President Joe Biden and leaders of the European Union to join us in supporting the Iranian resistance and specifically Maryam Rajavi’s Ten-Point Plan.

We want peace to come last year and supporting the resistance is a prerequisite for peace. The regime in Tehran wants to trick the world into believing that the Iranian protesters want to return to the dictatorship of the Shah. But as I’ve seen firsthand And heard From the leaders of this movement and from the families that comprise the Iranian people do not want to replace one dictator with another. The Iranian people want to be free.

All free nations of the world must continue to support the Iranian people and their calls for freedom and demand that Iran’s leaders cease their dangerous and destabilizing actions at home and abroad. We stand with the proud people of Iran because it is right and because the regime in Tehran threatens the peace and security of the region and the world. But no oppressive regime can last forever for inside

every human heart is an unquenchable fire that burns to be free. Just as the Soviet Union collapsed under the weight of its own sins, so too will be the fate of the oppressors in Iran.

70th US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Mike Pompeo, 70th US Secretary of State 

We’re all here today because we believe in the same cause. We believe in the same cause that these protesters are fighting for, That one day, the Iranian people will no longer live under the brutal, oppressive regime.

We all know this regime. It’s a regime that crushes its people and makes a mockery of the noble history of this great nation. It’s a regime that is undoubtedly a force for evil all across the world, we see it.

I must say, as I watch these protesters, as I see the people in the streets of Paris today, as I see all of you in this room, I have enormous hope. I believe that the movement we’re seeing led by all of you is clearly different than what we’ve seen in the past. These uprisings have been led by women and spearheaded by Iranian youth. They’re not calling for reform. They’re calling for freedom, something that is deeply consistent with Iranian history.

The slogans are heard all over Iran daily, they reject the ayatollahs. As we watched the protest unfold over these last months, we’ve not seen a movement in disarray, with many warring factions vying for a claim. We’ve seen unity. We’ve seen a unified people demonstrating incredible bravery and cooperation to bring this regime down.

Protests in Iran remind us all that freedom matters, and that this is something that’s worth fighting for. When General Soleimani was threatening Americans, and we took him out we made sure he didn’t kill another American. We made sure he didn’t prosecute another Iranian. It was our responsibility to do what we could to help secure freedom for people all across the world and inside of Iran from the IRGC and their henchman Qassem Suleimani.

The regime in Tehran has long been the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism. We see the precision-guided missiles with Hezbollah. We see it send drones across the world that the terrorist group

uses to target innocent Israelis and other people that oppose the theocratic, kleptocratic vision of the Ayatollah and President Raisi, the Butcher of Tehran.

Beyond the Middle East, we can see now clearly too, that the regime counts Vladimir Putin as a major patron. Supplying his forces with drones and other weaponry to kill innocent Ukrainians.

For the first time, we put the regime at its weakest point, its weakest point in 40 years. Iranians from every corner of the nation could see the regime’s epic incompetence that had brought ruin to their homeland. Gas, and other basic staples, have become unaffordable not because of American sanctions, but because of the regime’s actions and its kleptocracy.

All of this makes clear that Iran’s not working, the people know it, telling the whole world that there remains a passion for freedom within the country. I’m saddened that their message now seems to be falling on deaf ears. Certainly in the United States, it’s being ignored in the very places most important for it to be heard.

You’ve all read that in recent weeks, governments in Europe, as well as the Biden administration in the United States have been pushing, again like a zombie, to strike a deal with the Iranian regime.

We should be clear, every one of us, this sort of action only happens when our leaders are more interested in appeasing the Iranian regime and cutting a deal, and then standing with the Iranian people. And that any such deal, formal, informal, or otherwise, would be a calamity for the Iranian people.

The Biden administration’s blind desire to appease and negotiate has made the world a more dangerous place. This is an utter betrayal of the Iranian people and cutting a deal would grant the regime legitimacy. We should note it would also enrich it.

If we believe in the cause of freedom, if we think it still matters from Ukraine to Iran, then we cannot condone the lifting of sanctions on the Iranian regime. We must instead call on our leaders to support the brave Iranians who stand in opposition to their despotic government. They’re not the product of foreign meddling, these protests. They’re not some outside agitator. They’re the result of 40 years of organized opposition. I pray that this will be the time for America and all nations who value freedom to truly support them.

Stephen Harper, former Canadian Prime Minister, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Stephen Harper, former Canadian Prime Minister

Friends, today I want to share with you three messages. The first message is this, that the people of Iran continue to show that they wish to live in a free and democratic nation. They have shown this once again in the most recent wave of protests beginning this past September and continuing to this day despite the brutality of the regime, the death of hundreds, and the imprisonment of thousands, the people of Iran have yet again taken to the streets to demand an end to the theocratic dictatorship.

This latest round of protest. Has been led by the women of Iran. But to be clear, these protests are much more than a feminist movement against the hijab. They are rooted in over 40 years of organized resistance with women like Maryam Rajavi playing a leading role.

And another important point. These protests are looking forward, not back. They want an end to the theocratic dictatorship of Khamenei and Raisi, but they are not calling in any way for the restoration of the monarchical dictatorship of the Shah.

The Iranian people demand a free, constitutional, and democratic state. That’s my first message. The second one, friends, is this change is within reach. Do not believe the propaganda that the regime is well entrenched. Unfortunately, this line does not come solely from the regime, but also frequently from so-called policy experts in the West.

In Western countries, you will meet these analysts who are well-read In some areas of foreign policy. But because of flawed frameworks, they consistently misjudge what will happen in foreign affairs. One of those consistent misjudgments is to vastly overestimate the strength of regimes that govern solely by brute force, and to vastly underestimate and to be constantly surprised by the inevitable fragility of such regimes.

In fact, Western governments are making the same mistake today with Iran that they made in the 1970s. Back then, our governments assured us that the Shah’s regime was all-powerful and fully in control.

The mullahs’ regime is much more vulnerable than the Shahs. It is more brutal. It is more dysfunctional and it is deeply rotten from within.

Iran is in an explosive situation. It is exactly like a powder keg that could explode any day by any trigger. Not one so-called Western expert predicted that the death of one young woman, Mahsa Amini, would lead to sustained nationwide protests.

My third message is always to remember that there is a viable alternative to the regime. Never believe the propaganda from the regime, again far too often repeated in our Western nations, that the only alternative to the regime is chaos. To them, I ask how could a change in the status quo in Iran really be worse. How could something be worse than a theocratic regime with an apocalyptic ideology, Relentlessly pursuing nuclear weapons, and openly listing the nations and wish it wishes to wipe off the face of the earth?

Friends, the only realistic policy in dealing with this regime is not fear and weakness, it is determination and strength. It is not to soften sanctions, it is to toughen them. It is not to accept human rights violations, it is to condemn them. It is not to excuse the regime’s institutions, it is to list them as agents of terror. It is not to gather together to get another pathetically ineffective nuclear deal. It is to make the regime understand that its nuclear ambitions will never be tolerated. It is not to strengthen relations with this vile regime, it is to do what my government did in Canada, close down the regime’s embassies around the world.

I’m not here to tell the Iranian people who their government should be. That is for them to decide in open and free elections. But there are alternatives. I am a signatory to that open letter, supported by over 100 former presidents, prime ministers, and leaders from around the world that offers comprehensive policy recommendations to all governments on the matter of Iran.

It highlights the missing link of Western policy toward Iran. That is the failure to reach out, to organize Iranian resistance, and to support viable alternatives to the regime. It is time to end the decades of silence and inaction by the international community. It is time to hold the leadership of the Islamic Republic accountable for its crimes. It is time to stand in solidarity with the people of Iran in their desire for a free, secular, and democratic state. Friends, that is the future that you, the National Council of Iran, have consistently and tirelessly advocated a commitment to free elections, freedom of assembly and expression, pluralism and the rule of law, human rights and gender equality, the separation of religion and state and the autonomy of Iran’s ethnic minorities and of course a non-nuclear state at peace with the world. That is your vision. And it is worth fighting for. It is the vision of the vast majority of the Iranian people.

Elizabeth Truss, former UK Prime Minister, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Elizabeth Truss, former British Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party (2022)

I believe that we are at an international crossroads. On the future of democracy and freedom. I don’t think that freedom and democracy have been under greater threat for decades. And it’s vital that we keep the flame of freedom alive. And I congratulate Mrs. Rajavi on what she has done to promote the freedom of Iran. We are facing a huge threat from rising authoritarian regimes across the world.

The reality is these regimes will be emboldened because the free world hasn’t done enough. After the Cold War. We got complacent. We allowed people to think that the fight for freedom was finished.

We believed that as countries got richer they would become freer and more democratic. But sadly, that wasn’t true.

we’ve seen Russia and Iran, both countries with huge natural resources, crack down on their internal and external opponents. We’ve seen the free media being eradicated, We’ve seen freedom of speech decimated.

And these actions haven’t just been internal. They’ve been affecting neighboring countries by using terrorist activities and other means to undermine freedom and democracy in the region, as well as destabilizing countries that are on the right path. The fact is, we now live in a world where fewer of our citizens are in a democracy than they were 30 years ago.

And the lesson we need to take from that is that countries that believe and people that believe in freedom and democracy need to work together and we need to double down on our efforts.

The people here today, the people here today, understand that better than anyone. Because you’ve faced the brutality of the Iranian regime. You know what it feels like to be persecuted by the IRGC. You know what it’s like to not speak freely. You know what it’s like not to be able to have access to free media and understand what is going on in the world.

And that’s why I will never, never give up hope for a free, democratic Iran. And I believe that ultimately freedom and democracy will prevail in Iran because that is ultimately what people want. Because when people are choosing they choose freedom.

But the fact is, we in the free world have not done enough. Our governments have not done enough To stand up to these authoritarian regimes. There’s been too much appeasement. There’s been too much wishful thinking. There’s been too much Hope that things would change when it was evident that things were not going to change and have not changed.

There are three things we should be specifically doing with respect to Iran Make that very clear to their regime. First of all, Iran must not get nuclear weapons. They have been Kicking the can down the road, claiming that they are interested in and of settlement. Meanwhile, they have been developing those nuclear weapons. We cannot allow them to play for time. We must be tougher.

The second thing is we must back the brave women of Iran. It’s hugely inspiring to see women under threat of their lives, their futures, and freedom, prepared to demonstrate against the appalling regime and the human rights abuses they’re subject to, and we must back them in that fight and do what we can to support.

And we must also work together As free democracies to stop the use of hostage-taking and stop unfair detention taking place. I have seen how diplomacy has been subverted by the use of hostage-taking to try and get other political ends, and it’s important that we are not playing against each other as Western countries, but we work together to stop this appalling practice and we have a clear strategy.

Now is the time for us to take that action. Now is the time to turn our backs on the accommodation and appeasement of the past few decades and instead be much tougher, be much clearer, and be much more positive about the future of Iran and the future of other countries.

Hubert Védrine, former French Foreign Minister, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Hubert Védrine, former Foreign Minister of France (1997-2002)

We could hear a lot about what you think about the future. But it won’t be enough, because the more credible the change will be the more you will be asked about your vision for the future. Is it possible to have a future without tragedy? You will be asked about the kind of democracy you ask for the future of Iran.

The people of Iran want democracy. But what kind? You have already answered that. But these questions will continue to pop up, about politics, judiciary, etc. You will be asked about Iran’s future and what you will be doing in the future, the nuclear issue, relationships with other countries, and China’s influence in the region. People will understand that change will be possible and want to know what the position of the new Iran will be on these issues.

I can feel that we are now moving to the next step.

Amb. John Bolton, Former US National Security Advisor, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Amb. John Bolton, former US National Security Advisor and US Ambassador to the United Nations

I think a central point to keep in mind here is that while the mullahs’ rule in Iran through the barrel of a gun, probably the most critical thing keeping them in power today is the outside assistance provided by the West and others to the regime.

The way to change the picture inside Iran is not to engage in further assistance to the regime, not to give them another lifeline, but to cut their lifelines off and allow the people’s voice to be heard. There’s no more direct connection between the continued existence of the regime And this outside support than the 2015 Iran nuclear deal was a bad deal when it was made. It hasn’t gotten any better with age, and it’s never going to get any better.

The worst consequence of any kind of deal interim rejoining the 2015 deal, whatever would be, would be the inevitable unfreezing Of billions of dollars of assets, some held in escrow accounts for the sale of Iranian oil, some seized because of the reimposition of sanctions by the United States and a few others in 2018. All of that money would flow directly to the mullahs in Tehran. They wouldn’t use it for the benefit of the Iranian people. They will use it for more terrorist activity around the world. They will use it to continue developing their nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

As many have said the position of the regime continues to deteriorate. It is weaker than at any time since 1979. And the consequence of this is that the outside world should work with the organized resistance of Iran to take advantage of this to fracture the regime at the top and bring it down.

Demonstrations over the past ten months are obviously not about a dress code. They are a direct ideological threat to the fundamental legitimacy of the regime itself. Combined with all of the other factors, including the work of the NCRI over the years, this has brought us to a position where the regime is so vulnerable. And yet, even in this period of vulnerability, the ayatollahs are able to pressure and affect Western governments to their advantage. Not just small governments, but big governments too.

This is the kind of support from the outside that gives the ayatollahs the conviction they can outlast all the pressure that we’re bringing on them.

for all the people in the West and outside who say the MEK and the NCRI are so irrelevant, and they’re not popular inside Iran, and they don’t really matter: If they’re so irrelevant, why is the government in Tehran absolutely consumed with the need to suppress the MEK and NCRI and not allow their voices to be heard?

I think it’s what the government in Tehran does. This gives the greatest proof of the influence of all the people who are involved in the work that we’re here today to talk about.

I think this could be a really enormous significance to waking the United States up about the fallacy that you can negotiate with the ayatollahs and expect to arrive at a deal whose commitments they will follow. This is an example of the West strengthening the ayatollahs, not weakening them. And it’s time we changed 180 degrees. I will just leave you with what I think the outcome, the only acceptable outcome of all of this struggle has to be. There is only one basis of legitimacy in government in the world today, and Abraham Lincoln told it told us what it was. If Iran deserves it, Iran will get it. A government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Janez Janša, Former Slovenian Prime Minister, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Janez Janša, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia (2020-2022)

Change in Iran is inevitable because the people of Iran do not want this regime. They have shown that they reject all forms of dictatorship and tyranny. I call on Western democracies to impose comprehensive sanctions on Iran’s regime and blacklist the IRGC as a terrorist organization. This is how we can demonstrate our solidarity with the people of Iran.

The Ten-Point Plan of Mrs. Rajavi deserves our support. I will remain committed and engaged on this pressing issue. You can count on my support.

I extend my gratitude to all of you for your commitment to the cause of a free Iran.

US Congressman Raul Ruiz gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Raul Ruiz, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives (2013-present)

I’m here to stand in solidarity with you, the Iranian diaspora who have never given up hope for a free and democratic Iran. I’m here to collectively dream with widows, parents, students, workers, women, and girls who have been killed in prison, raped, tortured, and poisoned for daring to dream of freedom and equality by a regime that has for too long violated Their human rights.

And as a husband and father, it truly breaks my heart to hear the stories of women and girls who are attacked for wanting equal rights and to see what the people of Iran have to go through just to be heard and recognized. For decades, Iranians have been battling with their government to become a democracy to respect their basic human rights. After years of repression, the Iranian people saw this fight catch fire again last year. It caught fire again because of a brave 22-year-old young woman named Mahsa Amini, who was arrested in Tehran on September 13, 2022, for allegedly wearing her headscarf too loosely.

Three days later, like many young men and women arbitrarily arrested, Masa tragically died while in custody. Her death triggered protests across Iran. We saw brave Iranians stream out into the streets to show their support in a show of solidarity. And courage. Iranian women and girls, men and boys, students and workers courageously taking a stand and saying no more to women living by a separate set of rules than men, and no more to being targeted and attacked simply for speaking up and speaking out.

Today we stand here and applaud your efforts to demand a future around a democratic free Republic of Iran, a democracy that will allow the Iranian people to have their voice. A democracy allows the people to hold their government accountable by allowing Iranians to express their grievances through their freedom of speech and protest. A democracy that empowers the people of Iranians to vote, allowing them to be a part of the decision-making process to better their own lives.

And a democracy that will respect human rights, minority rights, and women’s rights, where everyone’s dignity and rights are respected under the law. And that is why, as a member of Congress, I am a proud supporter of House Resolution 100, which gives the sentiments of the United States Congress and the people of America in support for the Iranian people’s desire for a democratic and non-nuclear Republic of Iran and condemns the violations of human rights.

The Iranian diaspora and the brave Iranian people, especially the women and girls are risking their lives every day for a free Iran. It is because of your courage, your heart, and sheer will that I know one day we will see. The free Democratic Republic of Iran.

U.S. Congressman Lance Gooden gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Lance Gooden, Member of the US House of Representatives (2019-present)

We believe in a free Iran. We believe in the Ten-Point Plan by you, Madam Rajavi, thank you for your leadership. And we are so pleased to be here and that this event happened. The MEK is very important and is the leader of the resistance and it’s because of this obsession that Tehran has with them that gives them so much credibility. It’s obvious that you’re doing something right and they’re very worried and we want to continue to support you all as a member of Congress.

We appreciate the resistance movement within the country. We appreciate the young people who are risking their lives to stand up to this regime. And we just want to encourage you, especially the youth of Iran, to continue your fight. This is an organic fight from within. These are not outside forces resisting this government. This is an organic nation fight.

Bernard Kouchner, former French Foreign Minister, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Bernard Kouchner, former Foreign Minister of France (2007-2010)

I would like to insist on one point. Iran is being ruled by religious barbarians. But Iran is also producing weapons and drones that are killing Ukrainian people. These drones are manufactured by a state that threatens us.

In this new world that we see every year, there is an alliance that is very dangerous: Russia and Iran. The weapons supply of Iran to Russia and the killing of the Ukrainian people. My admiration for the struggle of Madam Rajavi and all the wishes that I have for her, but Iranians must know how all these things relate and are dangerous.

I would like to once again salute your struggle and all those who are here, in Paris. I wish you all the success and thank you.

Peter Altmaier, former German Minister, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Peter Altmaier, former Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy (2018-2021); Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety (2012 – 2013); former Head of the German Chancellery and Federal Minister for Special Affairs (2013 – 2018)

I’m impressed by the patience of the Iranian people to work hard over decades to implement democracy in Iran. The Ten-Point Plan of Mrs. Rajavi is a universal declaration of the basic values of individual freedom and democracy. This ten-point plan has to play a key role in the efforts of the Iranian people. After the nuclear activities of the regime, after the terror caused by the regime, the regime has committed a more disastrous crime. They have sided with Russia in Ukraine.

The Iranian regime has oppressed his youth and hopes for the future. They have to be stopped. They will lose and collapse.

Let’s be prepared. My suggestion for my own country and all Europeans and all of you is to rally around the Ten-Point Plan and convince governments to back it. Let’s start concrete preparation for the change in Iran.

You have to prepare for freedom and democracy.

The people of Iran hope the nightmare of oppression will end. All of us have the responsibility to support you. You deserve it. All free people in the world deserve it.

John Bercow, the former Speaker of the UK House of Commons, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

John Bercow, former Speaker of the UK House of Commons (2009-2019)

I want to make three straightforward points. First, change is within reach. The fact of egregious human rights is not synonymous with the inevitability of their continuation. Just as the speed of modern communications is a striking phenomenon to behold, so too is the speed with which an apparently dominant regime built on sand can, must and sooner or later will, collapse under the impact of public pressure.

The second point I must say, ladies and gentlemen, I regard as a council of despair and a shocking display of political cynicism by the murderous thuggish bestial regime in Iran: The notion of Tina. Tina stands, of course, for “there is no alternative” or no alternative that won’t immediately breed or

mutate into chaos. Why do I say what shocking cynicism? Well, Khamenei and Raisi—and by the way, neither is fit to wipe the boots of anybody here present today—cannot begin to conceptualize, still less to articulate, the defense of their own record, their economic record, which is disastrous, their human rights abuse, which is egregious, their disregard. For basic principles of good government, which is relentless and ongoing, and therefore they are left with the pathetic, feeble, despicable full-back position of saying we can’t really say much good about ourselves. But there is no alternative for chaos to ensue. And of course, it’s all about the battle of wills. And I say the battle of wills because if they can persuade people who are not part of their regime to be numbed by the seeming inevitability of it all, and to pull victim to the monstrous lie that nothing can be done about it.

And of course, that argument segues neatly into what I’ll call, if I may so dignify it, which I probably shouldn’t, the appeasement thesis. The appeasement thesis is: Well, they’re not very nice, but we’ve got to appease them. We’ve got to acknowledge them. We’ve got to accommodate them. We’ve got, to some extent, for better or for worse, to accept them. None of those things is true, not for a moment.

Of course, change is possible, if those who are the victims of the present barbarism will that change. None of us is likely to say that the resolution of political problems is easy or quick. Indeed, some problems are intractable. They’re not simple. They’re not without complications or ups and downs.

But what is simple is the choice between a government chosen by the people and the government imposed upon the people, and on that central principle of whether you have a free political system or not, you cannot frankly impale yourself on a spiky fence or not without very considerable risk to your own person and to a great many others besides.

There is, of course, an alternative. There is an alternative of over 40 years of preparation that is well organized, that is soundly structured, that is adequately resourced, that is conceptually coherent and led with indefatigability, indestructibility, and inexhaustibility by Madam Rajavi.

We will not concede. We will not abandon you. We will not fall short. We will speak up and speak out as you do and as you fight for your birthright. Too many people in Iran have suffered too much for too long with too little done about it. That must change. And I, Madam Rajavi, I think in common with everybody in this hall today, have absolute confidence that you are the person with that blueprint for a civilized society in the form of the Ten-Point Plan who can offer real hope of a better, decent, prosperous life in halting future for the people of Iran.

Gen. James Jones, the former U.S. National Security Advisor, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Gen. James Jones, the first national security adviser for President Barack Obama, 14th Supreme Allied Commander Europe

This is a moment in time where democracies are faced with challenges from autocratic regimes, Who wrongly in my view, Think that their ideology, which is based on domination and oppression, is somehow destined to prevail nonetheless. Ladies and gentlemen, we will win this contest. And relegate despotic regimes to the dustbin of history.

So we today stand united in the face of a formidable challenge to our freedom, Under the specter of religious tyranny looming over a great nation, Jeopardizing regional stability, jeopardizing global peace, and shared prosperity. This demands our attention, our resolve, our courage, and our unwavering commitment to the principles of freedom and democracy. The regime, with its repressive grip, stifles the fundamental human rights of the Iranian people. Its belligerent posturing and nuclear ambitions Pose a grave threat, undermining the concerted effort of the international community to foster enduring peace.

We cannot And will not idly stand by as the voices of the oppressed and silenced and the hopes of millions are dashed.

In the recent wave of protests that erupted all over Iran last September, we witnessed the crescendo of a Symphony of resistance that has played out over 4 decades, The echo, The unwavering determination of millions of Iranians for change.

The courageous NCRI-affiliated resistant units within Iran continue to keep the fires for a better and freer nation burning brightly by risking their lives and safety against overwhelming odds. These protests serve as a vivid testament to the aspirations of the Iranian people, Yearning for a society founded on democratic principles and inclusive governance.

We also acknowledge the perilous policy Of engagement With the regime, which undermines both the cause of democracy in Iran and the cherished values that underpin our own societies. By turning a blind eye to the regime’s heinous human rights abuses and aggressive behavior, we inadvertently. Legitimize its oppressive rule and escalate threats to global peace and security.

And so it is time to recalibrate this approach, prioritizing support for the Iranian people on their quest for freedom and democracy. Now is not the time to make more concessions to a regime that has proven to be unworthy of any form of trust.

We must not cave in and retreat is out of the question. It is time to extend our full support to the MEK members in Ashraf and protect their fundamental rights against any onslaught by the regime. We must recognize that underneath the regime’s enthusiastic embrace of what they see as appeasement is anonymous, searchable fear. They fear the growing impact and influence of the opposition forces inside Iran. They recognize that the National Council of Resistance of Iran Is a threat to their tyrannical rule, a formidable threat to their tyrannical rule. This recognition in itself Is a resounding confirmation of the potency and efficacy of the NCRI under the visionary leadership of Madame Rajavi.

Madam Rajavi’s Ten-Point Plan, which mirrors the democratic values cherished by the international community and which Americans recognize as being truly Jeffersonian stands as a beacon of hope.

So the time has come to bid farewell to the failed policy of thinking that the regime can ever be trusted to join the family of free nations. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the Iranian people and their unwavering resistance movement.

Michèle Alliot-Marie, Former French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Interior, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Michèle Alliot-Marie, former French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Interior

I wanted to express my gratitude for your courageous actions for such a long time. You represent universal values that everyone deserves. Since I knew Maryam Rajavi, I’ve never seen your engagement for freedom and democracy diminish. Your narrative has never changed. Your activity has never diminished. Your determination has not changed.

The world has changed, however, and not always for the better. In the entire world, there were threats to freedom and democracy. We see this across all continents.

All of you who are fighting for democracy, you are fighting for more than yourselves, more than Iran, for the world.

Your country is a symbol of what we can do and what we must do in terms of freedom. Your compatriots have to courage to protest. And Mahsa Amini is a tragic symbol that makes us sad but also gives us responsibility. We have the responsibility to not suffice to words and say there are some things that must be done. We must take action. We have the duty to be clear in our diplomatic dialog and concrete actions on the ground.

I think our countries and institutions have the duty to show their determination at a time that things are moving. We say where there is a will, there is a way. The way to democracy is in front of you and us. It is our responsibility to take this path. For a courageous heart, nothing is impossible. For you, nothing is impossible.

Sen. Giulio Terzi, Former Italian Foreign Minister, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Senator Giulio Terzi, former Italian Foreign Minister

It is a world of freedom that is standing with you today for the values for which we are so proud. There is a peculiarity in what is happening today in Paris today. It is the triumph of values that are guaranteed by the country of France to allow the free voices of political refugees can be freely expressed. That is the value of democracy that is echoed by the thousands of people saying Madam Rajavi is their leader.

The majority of Italian legislators have signed the document that is clearly in staunch support of the Ten-Point Plan of Madam Rajavi, the blacklisting of the IRGC, and the commitment to pursue the promotion of freedom and justice, and human rights in Iran.

The demonization that the regime is directing toward the MEK allows other players, false oppositions, and players in past regimes, to come up and pretend they have an equal status as the main opposition. This is a strategy that tries to disseminate hatred against you and us who support you.

Anna Firth MP gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Anna Firth, member of the UK House of Commons

With the brave young women and young men of Iran and of course, with you, Madam Rajavi, and your Ten-Point Plan, I want you to know that the UK Parliament salutes your unbelievable courage and determination, and we stand with you in your vital struggle for justice, for democracy, for equality and for freedom in Iran.

I want you to know that the UK Parliament salutes your unbelievable courage and determination and we stand with you in your vital struggle for justice, democracy, equality, and for freedom in Iran.

And we stand with you because it is clear that your courage and your determination must go on. It must go on until the oppression of women stops. It must go on until the use of sexual violence as a means of oppressing women stops, and it must go on until the murder and deliberate poisoning of innocent children stops. And finally, it must go on until every man and woman is treated equally in a free Iran.

But today I stand here with great hope, because today, Saturday, the 1st of July 2023, is the day that 3600 parliamentarians from 40 countries have come together to sign a new world policy on Iran. Through signing a statement in favor of the secular Democratic Republic in Iran and offering our full support to Madam Rajavi and her Ten-Point Plan.

Now is not the time to accommodate the regime and allow Tehran to dictate our Iran policy. Because I believe the regime is crumbling. I believe the regime is weak and we are in a moment of major change. Because let’s remember, dictatorships tend to fall the way Ernest Hemingway said: People go bankrupt gradually and then suddenly.

Ivan Stefanec presented the support of the European Parliament and expressed his support of the Iranian people’s uprising, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Ivan Stefanec, Member of the European Parliament from Slovakia

Madame Rajavi, I came from European Parliament, as we met recently to show raising support, also from European Parliamentarians. And I’d like to tell you and all distinguished guests that I feel very good today because I feel I am this friend who shares the same values and foremost the value of freedom. 30 years ago, in my country in Slovakia, there was also no freedom. And it didn’t look like that there will be change, but people believe so, and it came.

And I feel the same situation right now, that many, many Iranian people, feel that change is coming. They believe so. They are very much active. And this is very important.

I’d like to tell you that this is important not only for Iran but for the whole world. Because democracy creates not only opportunities for people but also it creates opportunities for cooperation among countries. While autocracies, they suppress human rights and also create threats to the rest of the world. So, we need a free Iran, the whole world needs a free Iran.

And I do believe that for the changes, there are three conditions leadership, plan, and people. We have great leadership of madame Rajavi, yourself, we have Ten-Point Plan and we have a lot of people who have freedom at the bottom of their hearts. So, I do believe that change is coming. Long live free Iran. We stand by you all in the European Parliament.

David Jones MP gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

David Jones, member of the UK House of Commons

The recent mass protests in Iran have demonstrated the strength of popular support for the PMOI. And that is a cause of significant concern to the regime, which will stop at nothing in its attempts to undermine, discredit and, they hope, neutralize the democratic opposition movement in that country.

The obsessive, unwavering focus of the regime on the PMOI simply serves to highlight the PMOI’s effectiveness in countering the regime’s authority and exposing its vulnerabilities.

The uprising has also exposed the hollowness of false political alternatives, particularly those related to the remnants of the Shah’s regime propaganda. Attempts to present those groups as leader of leaders of the uprising have proven unsuccessful. And the Iranian people, having endured years of oppression, imprisonment, and political executions under the Shah will not return to such a dictatorship.

The remarkable sustained growth of the PMOI networks within Iranian society is an undeniable fact. The regime knows that the PMOI has the strengths of unity, a well-organized structure, and the ability to mobilize nationwide protests. And it knows also. That the PMOI is the only organization with a clear alternative plan for Iran. And that is why the regime is trying every trick in the book to eliminate the formidable opposition that is the PMOI. But our role today, all of us, must be to make clear our insistence that the rights of members of the Iranian resistance movement should be protected wherever they are, whether that’s in Albania, in France, in the United Kingdom, in Germany and Italy, or in the United States and every country.

In every country, they have a right to conduct legitimate political activity, exposing the systematic violations of human rights in Iran and setting out their plan for the country’s future. And every reasonable democratic country should be only too happy to protect those rights.

Steve McCabe MP gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Steve McCabe, member of the UK House of Commons

We all know that the only thing the mullahs’ regime understands is strength and resolve. They want the free world to believe that they are entrenched and powerful. The truth is, they’re hated and weak. And there is an alternative, ready and waiting in the wings.

The end is nigh under your NCRI. We can look forward to a freedom-loving, democratic Iran. This isn’t the time to go soft on the mullahs. This is the time to ratchet up the pressure. I’ve written to the British Foreign Secretary asking that we make absolutely sure that sanctions do not wax in October.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Senator Joseph Lieberman, former Member of the U.S. Senate; U.S. Vice-Presidential Nominee in 2000

There is no doubt that the tide of history is moving in Iran toward freedom, toward Resistance, toward the NCRI and the MEK, and against the tyranny of the mullahs in Iran. The corrupt, self-serving, extreme, repressive, aggressive, terrorist-supporting tyranny in Tehran. You in the NCRI and the MEK and the resistance fighters in Tehran frighten them more than any government in the world, including powerful governments like my own and European. Why? Because you represent the people of Iran and are the most immediate threat to the survival of this regime.

That is why they spend so much money attacking the NCRI and the MEK money that would be much better spent to improve the quality of life of the people in Iran. That’s why they worked so hard to disrupt the peaceful rally in Paris, and that’s why they have so threatened the government of Albania, which has been so admirably welcoming to the NCRI and the MEK and fulfillment of the noble national Albanian value.

I’ve been asked to speak about a few subjects that have been really pretty well-covered today. First is the false narrative of the government in Tehran that there is no alternative to the government and therefore the powers of the world must accept the tyrants as permanent and negotiate with them. I said yesterday at this meeting, and I will say again today, that is exactly what paid off Hitler in the 1930s.

Is there an alternative to the regime in Iran? Of course, there is. It is the overwhelming majority of the people of Iran who want to be free again and live lives equal to those in the rest of the civilized world.

And is there an organization ready to lead the transition to power by the people of Iran? Of course, there is. It’s the NCRI and the MEK. Could any other opposition organizations to the regime bring together the world leaders who are in this room, the leaders of the parliaments?

We have talked a lot today, as we should always, about the Ten-Point Plan of Mrs. Rajavi. It’s a great plan, a plan for freedom, equality, and opportunity for the people of Iran. It’s one that every civilized democratic nation in the world should enthusiastically support. But the NCRI and Mrs. Rajavi have something else. They have a transition plan. It is out there for everybody to see, and it is a selfless plan that shows that

this organization is not about seizing power. It is about making sure that the people of Iran seize power when this regime falls.

The second subject is about the West and what is being talked about apparently in Oman, although we don’t know, is disastrous. But what is being talked about is shocking, billions more to the tyrants that they will use to support terrorism. Not for their people. So, I appeal to all of us from around the world who are here, including the delegation from parliaments. We must go home from here and insist that our leaders leave the table in Oman and wave goodbye to the representatives of the tyrants of Tehran enforce the sanctions that exist to adopt more sanctions and arouse in the tyrants of Tehran, the one emotion that will affect them, which is fear.

No movement can succeed without a great leader. Mrs. Maryam Rajavi is a great leader. She is principled and persistent, she has a clear vision of the future. She is an extraordinary planner and leader of a movement. She’s inspiring, but I want to say something else that I think is globally significant. Like the leaders of the American Revolution, she is a woman of faith. She is a devout Muslim. She has supported freedom of religion in the new Iran, but that doesn’t mean freedom from religion. In fact, I would say like the heroes of the American Revolution, her faith in God, and her embrace of the values of Islam give her the strength to go forward as she has and guide her in all the principles that she fights for.

Gen. Wesley Clark, U.S. Presidential Candidate in 2004, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

General Wesley Clark, 12th Supreme Allied Commander Europe; U.S. Presidential Candidate in 2004

The world is actually at war. At this very moment, Young men and women Are risking their lives, losing their lives in Ukraine. And not just those on the frontline. Civilians are the targets of Russian bombs and missiles and Iranian drones as well. We can never forget this. Iran is on the wrong side, Under the ayatollahs, of both the struggle for democracy and the struggle for peace and freedom in Europe. Iran’s government has got to go. Enough.

For over 40 years, this brutal Iranian regime has sought enemies abroad and at home. It survives on fear, hatred, and repression. Enough is enough.

The men and women of MEK have fought against the tyrannical regime of the ayatollahs in Tehran. You’ve struggled daily to protest, mobilize, gather information, To gain an international understanding. And to bring freedom and democratic values to Iran.

I’m so impressed by the strength of the resistance movement. You are exposing the regime for its brutal repression. You are winning the support of more and more people within Iran. And you are striking fear in the hearts of those who perpetrate the terror in Iran. And I do believe we will be in Tehran next year.

But this can only happen With leadership On the ground. This is not something that’s driven by outside forces. It has to be from the heart and soul of the people of Iran. And that’s what you’re showing the world.

Mrs. Rajavi, I want to congratulate you on your leadership as someone who’s spent his life in leadership, teaching it, learning, and practicing it. It’s incredible what you’re doing and what you will accomplish in the future, the Ten-Point Plan, and the strength of this organization. Only an organization such as yours can survive and win this struggle. It’s not for the weak-hearted. But only an organization such as yours should prevail. Because you’ve got the right values, the right approach, and the right plans. The people of Iran deserve freedom. They deserve democracy. They deserve a more open society. They deserve the opportunity for better lives. And you can help them gain that, and you will.

Soon there will be no more dictatorship. And there will be no return to the dictators of the past either. That is an important principle. You’re the future.

Ingrid Betancourt, the Colombian Presidential Candidate in 2022, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Ingrid Betancourt, former Colombian Senator and Presidential Candidate in 2022

This year, the Iranian resistance faced huge obstacles for this rally. The regime of Iran asked France, a country of democracy and human rights, to prevent this event from being held. And the government succumbed to the regime’s demands. What a shame! There is no other explanation than blackmail.

Others tried to recommend dignitaries of other countries not to attend under the pretext of security concerns. But here we stand today, stronger than ever, united in our pursuit of justice and freedom and supporting you.

Over the past two decades, you have led the movement that the mullahs thought they had destroyed. This is the movement of hope and faith. This is the only movement that has remained steadfast. These twenty years have been filled with moments of triumph, but also adversity. Through it all, you Maryam, have remained resolute, refusing to bow under the pressure of tyranny. You have inspired all of us and ignited a fire in our hearts that will never be extinguished.

But new generations have also joined you, especially brave young women. Their fight is not just about women. It’s about human dignity for men and women alike. And all these new generations are fighting for the Ten-Point Plan, for a secular, democratic, and non-nuclear Iran. They have embraced it all over Iran and outside Iran too.

The challenges we have faced in recent times have been hard. The regime, aided by advocates of appeasement, has attempted to create fake alternatives. They attempt to undermine your independence and resolve. They tried every trick in the book to dismantle your progress. But they have failed. They have underestimated the determination of those who stand for justice. They have underestimated your capacity.

The mullahs resorted to hostage diplomacy and blackmail. The West regrettably gave in to the demands of the regime. This was a moment of sadness but it did not break your resolve or ours. We stand ready to face any challenges that stand before us. You have shown us leadership. We have gathered here to celebrate you, the bright woman facing the criminal gang of blood-thirsty men.

For those of us who have been holding your hand since many years ago, this has been an incredible summit. This movement has attained momentum. Everything will go very fast from now on, and we have to be ready.

The power of our unity and the resilience of our spirit will bring about the dawn of a new era in Iran, a future without the mullahs and the violence, and the cranes hanging people. We’re going to build a future together, a future of freedom and democracy, of the triumph of the human spirit and democracy. With you, the flame of freedom continues to burn bright in all our hearts.

Prof. Rita Süssmuth, former President of the Bundestag, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Prof. Rita Süssmuth, President of the Bundestag (1988-1998)

We do not give up. We have come a long way. Today, we are not weak. Because I can assure you now, we have a big group of parliamentarians and politicians and people from all over the world that help us get stronger. I was really influenced by good personalities, one of them is Madam Rajavi. She encourages us to say we will continue. Nobody is able to do it alone. You must have more people than we saw today. I can continue and say today, all the bad news about the Iranian Resistance is an expression of fear by the regime, and at the same time, it is an expression of recognition.

When you remember the misery, the torture, and the killing done to Iranian women and men, it is an unbelievable misery. But we continued [to engage the regime]. It has been done by many people, parliamentarians, and governments.

But what are the opportunities? We know what you have done for your people and for the whole world. Don’t stop to hope, to follow your dreams. We must continue fighting and resisting.

Carsten Müller, a member of the German Bundestag, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Carsten Müller, member of the German Bundestag

Most of you may know Rita Süssmuth is an iconic person. She has incredible courage. We need to lend courage to you and the people in Iran. The NCRI has issued a very sophisticated Ten-Point Plan for regime change.

It is an intelligent approach. It is no wonder that more than 3,000 politicians from many countries are standing by your side. What is happening in Iran is sad, which is why this wonderful summit should send the message that the people of Iran will not be subdued.

We want to encourage you just as Rita stated. We are by your side and want to make sure that we will do this together.

Lisa Chambers, Leader of the Irish Senate, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Lisa Chambers, Leader of the Irish Senate (Dec 2022-present)

We have an important job to do here today to highlight the ongoing atrocities and challenges faced by the Iranian people, but really importantly, to pledge to do something about it. And we have the platform

and the ability to force this change with the Iranian people. Ireland has been clear in its condemnation of the repression of protests by the Iranian authorities, as well as the clear breaches of human rights in the country. We have repeatedly called on the Iranian authorities to respect the fundamental rights of freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. Clearly, those rights are not being respected today in Iran. Our government has raised these concerns directly with the Iranian embassy in Dublin and with officials in Tehran and continues to do that to this day.

The Irish Government has been very clear. The executions carried out by the Iranian authorities and the severe sentencing of peaceful protesters is unacceptable and we utterly condemn these actions.

Last year, in October, following the death of Masha Amani, I drafted a resolution for the Irish Senate that passed with the unanimous support of all members of our House on the issues affecting the Iranian people, in particular the violations against women and girls.

We condemned the unrelenting and oppressive actions of the Iranian authorities. We support the right to freedom of expression and the freedom of assembly of the Iranian people. We condemn the restrictions on access to the Internet, which restricts freedom of expression and also freedom of assembly.

I want to pay particular tribute to the inspirational Iranian women. Who every day sacrificed their well-being and their safety and that of their families in the fight for freedom for Iran. Many of them have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Today we remember that sacrifice.

As a small island nation in the European Union, we know what it means to fight for a free democratic Republic because we have done it ourselves. We want the very same for Iran and we want to help you achieve what we managed to achieve not that long ago.

All of us that have the luxury and the privilege of living in a democracy have a duty to never be silent on the issues affecting the Iranian people, to never turn a blind eye to the atrocities being perpetrated on the Iranian people by the Iranian authorities and to use every ounce of power and influence that we have, domestically and within the European Union and across the globe, to bring about the change that the Iranian people are demanding.

I want to make it clear today that the majority of members of both the Senate and the Lower House, as illustrated by both of the documents presented here today, are in support of President Rajavi’s democratic plan for around the Ten-Point Plan.

Enda Kenny, former Prime Minister of Ireland, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Enda Kenny, former Prime Minister of Ireland (2011-2017)

I believe strongly in the rights of Iranian people and every other people to live in a secular and Democratic Republic where no individual, regardless of religion or birthright, has any privilege over others.

I come from Ireland, I’m a Catholic, and was never in Iran. But I do know something about your situation. I am opposed to the death penalty and I’m a member of the International Commission Against the Death Penalty.

This planet that we live on faces many challenges. Unfortunately, too many millions live under brutal regimes of dictatorship, autocracy, and murderous theocratic existence. Iran is a case in point, and I know that the Iranian people reject such a philosophy. The March to freedom and democracy and equal rights is never easy. Nor will it be, nor has it been for the Iranian people?

I’ve heard most things today about Iran, but I read something recently that I think it’s worth repeating. In times of crisis, where dictatorships apply the normal story is to avoid the truth at all costs. But one report that does not avoid the truth is the report by the United Nations on Rights in Iran, published this March because it’s stark and riveting in its findings. Its author does not lie or ignore the truth of what is happening in Iran under this regime. Javed Rehman deplored the brutal response of the government to nationwide protests that erupted last September after the arrest of Masha Amini and her violent beating while being transferred to the Detention Center in Tehran and her death subsequently In Kasra Hospital. I salute that young woman’s courage and bravery and resilience, and I hope that our spirit will stand for the Iranian people in the future.

That report also deals with the use of unlawful lethal force against protesters and outlined specific instances where this happened. Reports of arrests and the detention of protesters, 18,000 arrested since the beginning of protests. Dozens of human rights defenders, 500 students, 45 lawyers, and 576 civil society activists report also deals. With the torture and the ill-treatment of protesters, including sexual abuse, and the sweeping crackdown on civil society including human rights defenders, lawyers, journalists, and artists, they’re being charged with offenses and their communications methods are being confiscated.

I was contacted before I came here by the Iranian embassy, to tell me that I was going to meet the terrorists and members of a cult. Are these things happening in the eyes of the world? Why is Iran not fulfilling its international obligations under the conventions of the Right for the Child and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights?

This regime is not gone and will become more paranoid, more brutal, more violent, and more dangerous before it fractures, and fracture it will, it will fracture in the face of overwhelming support for a new direction for Iran by millions of Iranian people who are not afraid to stand out in nonviolent and peaceful demonstration, for what are their legitimate aspirations.

So let me leave the people of Iran with this thought. There is always a way to a better world. There is always hope for a better alternative. And your Ten-Point Plan is the basis for that new Iran.

Louis Freeh, former FBI Director, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Louis Freeh, former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Madam Rajavi, we stand by you for many, many reasons. But you know that you have been a hero for us, an inspiration, and a reason to act and fight. We thank you so much.

The regime is a little bit like, in my experience as a prosecutor, what we used to call a continuing criminal enterprise. And it’s run by gangsters. And they have their own rules. But at some point that enterprise caves in and collapses on the weight of its own evil, particularly here because the regime has lost the confidence of the Iranian people’s political confidence, economic confidence, and moral confidence.

Michael Mukasey, former U.S. Attorney General, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Michael Mukasey, former U.S. Attorney General (2007 – 2009)

I have here a letter that contains a statement in support of a free Iran. But it expresses the views not only of the people who signed it, who come from the full spectrum of political views in the United States, and people who served in all branches of the United States government and in the United States military, but it expresses the views.

It is called an American statement in support of a free Iran, which means that it expresses the deepest values of the American people and the strongest support of the American people.

Not only for you, not only for the people here, not only for people in the streets of Paris, not only for the people in Ashraf 3, although certainly for them, but for the people engaged in this struggle in Iran that we know is going to come out the way it should because of the efforts of you and others.

John Baird, former Canadian Foreign Minister, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

John Baird, former Canadian Foreign Minister

The Iranian regime and the advocates of appeasement did everything they could to stop these events going on in Paris, but they failed. They failed because of the resilience of all of you, and they failed because of the strong leadership of Madame Maryam Rajavi. This is bad for the regime, but it’s particularly bad for those who preach appeasement.

The regime and the mullahs fear that this event, and more importantly, the broader movement, is a clear acknowledgment that those in power know the NCRI is an alternative to this brutal regime. And all of the leadership in Tehran know that their day of reckoning is coming. I’m so proud of the leadership of the Canadian government and our then Prime Minister Stephen Harper when he would cut off relations with Iran and we kicked each and every one of the representatives of the mullahs out of our country.

I have a special message to those watching us inside of Iran and our friends at Ashraf 3. Freedom-loving people in every corner of this world are watching with tremendous admiration for your determination and for your persistence. We stand in solidarity with your great struggle. They also see and despise the brutal crackdown led by the mullahs and the IRGC. The world has documented their violence and the atrocities that they have committed.

There will be a day of reckoning and a day of accountability. And whether it happened in 1988 or whether it happened last week, let’s be very, very clear that these evil monsters will face justice, especially someone named Ebrahim Raisi.

It is not a question of whether it’s only a question of when this regime will fall. The resistance will win, a brighter day for the Iranian people is on the horizon and a new government will do great things for Iran and the Iranian people. It will rehabilitate and revitalize the economy and help lift the 80% of people living below the poverty line. A new government will end the corruption, incompetence and graft, and theft of the nation’s resources. It will focus the great wealth of the nation to the benefit of the Iranian people. The revolution that’s taking place across Iran right now is strong and it’s very well organized. It’s happening because of the courage and the bravery of literally thousands of the Resistance Units in every corner and every town throughout Iran.

It’s happening not by accident; it’s happening because of the NCRI’s Ten-Point Plan. And most importantly, it’s happening because of the leadership of an incredibly strong woman, Madam Maryam Rajavi.

Judy Sgro, Canadian MP, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Judy Sgro, Canadian MP, former Minister of Citizenship and Immigration (2003-2005)

Madam Rajavi, your Ten-Point Plan is a true example of democracy. And I’m so happy to see so many countries have recognized that. But I wanted to give you a short update on some of the things that Canada has done just in the last couple of months, some of the diplomatic actions, sanctions, and other punitive measures.

The human rights situation in Iran, of course, remains a key area of focus for Canada. Canada has led the United Nations General Assembly resolution on the situation of human rights in Iran, which was adopted in December 2022 for the 22nd secretive year. In October, Canada hosted a meeting of women foreign ministers on the topic of human rights violations in Iran.

In November, at a special session of the UN Human Rights Council focused on the deteriorating human rights situation in Iran again and Canada supported the initiative to establish an international fact-finding mission to investigate alleged human rights violations in Iran related to the recent protests, with particular focus on women and children. And in December, Canada supported a US-led initiative to expel Iran from the US Commission on the Status of Women.

Canada was his coordination group partner, the UK, Ukraine and Sweden drives efforts to hold Iran accountable for its Downing of flight PS752, which caused the death of many Canadian citizens and others with particular ties to Canada. We will continue to work together with all our partners. We are on our way to the road to Democracy. You can count on Canada and all your other partners that will be on that road to democracy together.

Gov. Gary Locke, former U.S. Secretary of Commerce and Governer of Washington State, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Gov. Gary Locke, former U.S. Secretary of Commerce and Governor of Washington State

Mrs. Rajavi, for your steadfast leadership and dedication to a democratic and free Iran, but also for putting forth a Ten-Point Plan for a democratic nation. It’s a plan that has been endorsed by more than a majority of the members of our new Congress, some 238 members have signed in support. It’s a testament to the power and the righteousness of your cause. The people of the United States of America stand in full solidarity with the people of Iran and fully support their desire to be free people.

As evidenced by the political leaders from around the world here today, people all over the world stand with the people of Iran. Because you are waging a heroic uprising against a corrupt and brutal terrorist regime.

It is clear that the Iranian people want fundamental political change that will transform the current system of despotic religious fascism into a secular democratic rule that places the needs and dreams and aspirations of the people above repression at home and terrorism abroad. Democracies must stand with the Iranian people and must support the opposition and resistance groups that have played a crucial role in countering the regime’s repressive actions and in giving hope to millions of people in Iran who yearn for freedom. Gatherings like this show the world that the evil regime does not speak for the people. That Iranians are committed to the ideals of democracy like free speech, public assembly, and fair elections.

In addition to being a state sponsor of terrorism, the regime in Tehran continues to suppress the most fundamental human rights of its own people. Women in Iran suffer under a system of discrimination and inequality and, according to the laws of the country, the life of a woman literally is regarded as half as valuable as that of a man. The combined effect is that women and girls in Iran, half the Iranian population, are vulnerable to violence, harassment permeating every aspect of their lives.

From the Kurds to the Arabs, from the Baluchis to the various nationalities and ethnicities, and among the followers of various religious groups, all want a free Republic based on the separation of religion and state.

As this summit demonstrates, political leaders from around the world stand in solidarity with the people of Iran. And it’s not just women who have suffered under the regime. Ethnic minorities in Iran are

among the most subjugated, dehumanized, and repressed groups under both the current regime and the dictatorship of the Shah.

Ryszard Czarnecki, Polish MEP, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Ryszard Czarnecki, Member of the European Parliament from Poland, former Minister for European Integration (1997-1999)

The recent deadly attack on Ashraf-3, which resulted in the killing of one MK member and the injury of many others has provoked great anger among members of our European Parliament. We hear some saying that PMOI [members] are in Albania for humanitarian reasons and have no right to political activity. Knowing them for many years, I can certify that no matter in which country they are based, they have a tradition of acting in the framework of the laws of their host countries. But it’s totally impossible to tell them to deprive themselves of political activity. If they do, why in the first place did they leave Iran to be in exile?

I remember very well that in 2016 the MEK were looking for their basic rights to be guaranteed before they were transferred to Albania. The Albanian Prime Minister Rama gave me personally this guarantee in his letter dated April 19, 2016. I have tweeted this letter and you can see it on my Twitter. The Prime Minister wrote in this letter to look at the English and Albanian versions, fully engaged and committed to ensuring for the Iranian refugees all rights stipulated in the Geneva Convention, 1951, the European Human Rights Convention, and the whole international legislation.

After this letter was signed by the Prime Minister of Albania, both we in the European Parliament and the MEK members at Camp Liberty were convinced to be transferred to Albania because these conventions guaranteed all their rights, including the right to political activity and freedom of expression. It was after this that over 3000 Ashraf residents were transferred to Albania.

I would like also to add that during these past years, they have had numerous political meetings in Albania which were attended by senior Albanian officials. This clearly shows that there was no such commitment to not being politically active on the table. Therefore, I ask the Albanian Prime Minister to ask the relevant authorities to responsibly fulfill the obligations that he himself advised six years ago.

Today, after the developments of the past nine months, there is no doubt that the future of Iran lies in this alternative. The Iranian Resistance Movement, led by Madame Rajavi, has been currently working to bring democracy and freedom to Iran. Her fellow plan for a secular and democratic republic. Iran is a comprehensive vision for a better future for the Iranian people. Last month Madame Rajavi was invited to us to the European Parliament, where she was received by our members far more than many heads of state.

This shows the admiration and support that the European Parliament has for her and her movement.

German MEP Helmut Geuking gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Helmut Geuking, MEP from Germany

The people of Iran are peaceful. They have been taken hostage by the mullahs. In January, it was discovered that Iran’s regime is enriching uranium at higher levels. They are now manufacturing long-range missiles that can carry nuclear warheads.

We democratic countries must be aware and the media must bring awareness of the situation. Mrs. Rajavi is the hope in this struggle. We are confident that you will prevail.

Dorien Rookmaker, Dutch MEP, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Dorien Rookmaker, Member of the European Parliament from the Netherlands

You are in my heart. I respect you very much, Mrs. Rajavi, and all of you here are so brave and patient. You will succeed. These terrible crooks that are holding your country hostage will dissolve into thin air. I hope to see you again.

It took me a while to understand Iran. I saw your people in parliament. It took me a while to choose you. But I know you’re the right people and I chose you and I will stick to it.

Geir Hilmar Haarde, former Icelandic Prime Minister, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Geir Hilmar Haarde, former Prime Minister of Iceland (2006-2009)

Western leaders have made a mistake in their policy toward Iran. Regrettably, the current policy toward the regime can only be described as a policy of appeasement. This policy has emboldened the regime to increase its human rights violations, the use of hostage-taking, and global terrorism. I am among the signatories of former heads of state who signed the letter to urge world leaders to change their policy toward Iran.

Now that the people of Iran are calling for regime change, a wrong policy can be even more detrimental. Western politicians have missed a key element in the policy toward Iran, which is the Iranian Resistance movement for freedom and democracy. They have fallen into the trap of the regime that seeks to keep this movement hidden. Any policy must consider the Iranian people and their resistance movement. The regime fears this movement because it has the potential to bring change to Iran.

The Ten-Point Plan offers a blueprint for a free and democratic Iran based on the values that we all endorse. It’s time for the West to abandon the policy of appeasement toward the Iranian regime and support the aspirations of the Iranian people for freedom and democracy.

Petre Roman, former Romanian Prime Minister, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Petre Roman, former Prime Minister of Romania (1989-1991)

All dictatorships have the same mantra: there is no alternative. Is it because they care for the future of Iran? Absolutely not. They are convinced that they can eliminate any alternative for their own personal power, against the people.

You should say to those dictators in Iran: Beware, criminals! History tells us formidable stories about how people conquer their freedom, and how democratic alternatives are born.

The fight for freedom always prevails. The circumstances in Iran are pointing out that the change of regime and the collapse of barbarity is very near.

Avdullah Hoti, former Kosovan Prime Minister, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Avdullah Hoti, former Prime Minister of Kosovo (2020-2021), former Minister of Finance (2014 and 2017)

Despite the repression by the regime, the people of Iran continue their resistance. It is clear that the momentum for change is near. I now believe it is time for the democratic leadership of Iran to clearly

portray how the Iranian society is going to be organized following the regime change and what constitutional insurance will be put in place to protect human rights and democracy.

You will win.

Dominique Attias, Chair of the Board of Directors at the European Lawyers Foundation, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Dominique Attias, Chair of the Board of Directors at the European Lawyers Foundation

How do you continue and don’t allow anyone to discourage you? You have been fighting for 40 years and paid a high price. You carry us with you in your dream of a democratic Iran. This journey is an extraordinary example. The Iranian people are isolated and threatened, but you continue to fight every day.

The mullahs fear, hence their threats against you. They haven’t understood that by their rules, they are every day becoming weaker. They will all end in the flames of hell. We will ensure that they will be held accountable for their crimes.

Some governments are accepting the unacceptable for geopolitical interests. We, citizens, don’t want to deal with these regimes. We shouldn’t negotiate with these regimes. We should not sell our souls to the devil. The Iranian resistance is showing the future and Maryam Rajavi is in favor of freedom for all citizens of different backgrounds. These women have the value of justice and gender equality. Women should be able to choose what they want to wear.

The regime poisons young girls because it doesn’t respect their freedoms. We want equality and the rule of law. We want justice. We don’t want to go backward to the shah. No to the shah, no to the mullahs. Women are strong. You symbolize the revolution. You have become the core of the revolution. The women of Iran are a source of inspiration and the men are accepting their leadership role.

Today the regime has appointed Ebrahim Raisi the butcher as president. He continues to kill those who oppose the regime. We should recall every day that those who don’t support the Iranian people should be ashamed.

We support you. We follow your example. In the past centuries, it was all about men. This century is about women.

Kira Rudyk, Ukrainian MP and the Leader of the Golos Party gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Kira Rudyk, Ukrainian MP, Leader of Golos Party, Vice-President of ALDE

We’ve learned lessons since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began. First is the lesson of unity. We can’t fight alone. But if you have strong friends beside you, you can fight and win.

Mrs. Rajavi told me a very important thing. She said that the fight will be long. There would be good days and bad days. When there are bad days, you must remind yourself that we can, and we must. And I share this with all my friends and colleagues.

The third lesson is that unpunished evil returns. It repeats itself over and over and over. This is why it is critical to not only win the war but also have justice.

In Ukraine, Iranian drones attack us at night. It has a terrifying sound. Every single time when we hear this, we think how is it possible that Iran and Russia are still able to produce these weapons? How are the sanctions not stopping them from producing these weapons?

This is why we are calling for more sanctions against totalitarian regimes, Russia, Belarus, and the Iranian regime.

Nothing is impossible. Not too many people believed we would stand for more than two or three days, that we would get heavy weapons, that we could conduct a counteroffensive, and that we would regain occupied regions. But we believed that, and we were ready to fight for it, no matter how impossible the goal seemed. Every time somebody tells us we can’t do it, we say, watch us.

We know one thing, one is more capable than the world expects and more capable than one thinks of oneself. Democracy will prevail, Ukraine will prevail, and free Iran will prevail.

Ad Melkert, former UNSG Special Representative, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Ad Melkert, former UNSG Special Representative, former Head of the UNAMI until 2011; former Leader of the Dutch Labor Party (2001-2002)

On your journey to victory, today’s meeting serves more than ever as a testimony to perseverance and solidarity as the necessary ingredients to make a change in Iran inevitable. And there are strong reasons to add that this might and should happen rather sooner than later.

These reasons, adding to decades of resistance by countless brave citizens and by the tireless efforts of your movements, have been provided by the courageous women and men in Iran that have stood up in great numbers against the merciless regime after Mahsa Amini fell victim to the so-called morality police.

Although global media attention is tending to fade after initial interest and recognition, the uprising continues. This should keep the international community on alert that regime change is within reach the more the internal opposition and the external pressure will converge towards the common goal to enable all Iranians of all nationalities and ethnicities to finally establish a secular and Democratic Republic.

The global community demands accountability. It’s an important step that needs to be followed by action.

The noose is closing around the oppressors. Our common vow is to accelerate change.

Musa Khalaf Al-Maani, former Advising Minister to the Prime Minister of Jordan, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Musa Khalaf Al-Maani, former advising minister to the Prime Minister of Jordan

We call on all free people in the world to stand with us against the mullahs. The men and women of the resistance are reviving the nation and giving the people hope to free them and bring democracy. All our people in these dark times, peace be upon you in your struggle, as you connect blood and soul to stand in the face of dictatorship.

Despite the fire of hatred of the mullahs, the resistance continues. We will start a new era in Tehran with an obvious objective. The MEK remains a stronghold protected by freedom fighters who want to establish a secular state and bring peace and prosperity to surrounding countries and restore peaceful relations between the Iranian and Jordanian people.

Brothers and sisters, this organization has made many sacrifices to bring freedom to Iran. Iranian militias are always transgressing the borders of Jordan to smuggle drugs to other areas. Now, the Iranian people are revolting and we believe it is our responsibility based on democratic values to support the Iranian people and their demands.

Mrs. Rajavi, we support your Ten-Point Plan and your Resistance movement.

Bernard Grech, Maltese MP, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Bernard Grech, Member of the Maltese Parliament, Leader of the Nationalist Party

The Iranian regime has subjected its own people to a relentless cycle of oppression and brutality. We cannot turn a blind eye to the suffering viewed by countless individuals, their life shattered by unspeakable acts of violence and abuse.

We must remember that Mahsa Amini, whose life was tragically stolen from her under the guise of malevolence, is not the only victim. She represents the countless unknown victims who have silently endured abuse and violence. This story is often untold and unheard and deserves our attention, empathy, and action.

The time has come to challenge the entrenched voices of the old men who have dictated how young women should live their lives. We call upon the Iranian authorities to recognize and respect the freedom of expression and belief of all people within their nation.

It deeply troubles us that this regime has consistently disregarded UN resolutions condemning its egregious human rights violations over the past four decades. The voices of those suffering under the suppressive rule are too often silenced and ignored, compelling us to fulfill our moral duty to stand firmly behind the major opposition movement, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, and its pivotal organization, the MEK. These brave men and women have exhibited unwavering resilience for four decades, tirelessly fighting for a free Iran. Today we acknowledge that the NCRI and the MEK are not only well organized but also driven by an unwavering commitment to bring about the fundamental change that Iran so desperately needs.

Their visionary Ten-Point Plan, meticulously crafted by Miss Maryam Rajavi, provides a beacon of hope in these dark times.

Today I stand here with a part brimming with pride and declare that the majority of Members of the Parliament in Malta, including myself, wholeheartedly support Mrs. Mariam Rajavi, the mother of a future democratic and free Iran, and her Ten-Point Plan.

Laurence Fehlmann Rielle, a member of the National Council of Switzerland, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Laurence Fehlmann Rielle, member of the National Council of Switzerland

I want to express our commitment to defending human rights in Iran. There is a strong opposition to this regime symbolized by NCRI which works for an inclusive society. They have a Ten-Point Plan that puts forward equality, secular government, and the autonomy of ethnicities. We must unify our forces to abolish the death penalty. Iran is one of the countries that is executing many people. The international community must not limit itself to condemning the regime. Switzerland must intervene to promote the abolishment of the death penalty.

I want to pay homage to the Iranian women who are fighting against oppression. The women of the Iranian Resistance have dedicated their lives to this cause to live in a free Iran. Many of these women have moving stories of being tortured and losing their loved ones to the regime.

We should prevent the regime from continuing its terrorist actions in Europe. We must bring our full support behind the NCRI.

Ben Oni Ardelean, Romanian MP, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Ben Oni Ardelean, Romanian MP

It doesn’t matter where we live, doesn’t matter what you do. We are fighters for freedom and democracy. We want to send a message to the people of Iran that we share their values.

Romanian MP Pavel Popescu, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Pavel Popescu, Member of the Assembly of Deputies of Romania

I’m here today to speak the truth because I think this is our duty. The truth is that a nuclear deal with Iran is already a shattered dream, and I think we have to believe that it’s already a shattered dream.

If we do not take seriously sanctions against Iran, against Russia, we will never prevail. Another truth is that the big hypocrisy bubble present in the Western world these days when we like to speak about human rights only when we need to reach specific goals, needs to stop now. This is the truth. Somebody said that all the abdicated responsibility will be taken by tyrants and criminal regimes one day and used against us. The duty to never abdicate from the responsibility to fight for the freedom of the people of Iran until the day they will earn it is our duty.

I truly believe that this fight has to be teamwork. Because only together will we prevail in this in this fight. Because there is no country on this Earth big enough to go it alone, and there is no country on this Earth too small to not be able to make a difference. People of Iran. I’m telling you one thing. Do not lose your hope. The Day of freedom will come soon for you. Because we will never abdicate from the responsibility to fight for that day.

Linda Chavez, former Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Linda Chavez, former Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison

Freedom burns in the heart and breasts of men and women in Iran. And Mariam Rajavi, you are the hope and the future of those people.

We have seen, we have seen in the 20th century, the defeat of colonialism. We’ve seen the defeat of fascism and Nazism. We have seen the collapse of Soviet communism and I believe, in the 21st century. Before the first quarter of that century is over, we will see an end to the fascist religious mullahs who rule in Iran, and it will be as a result of the efforts of all of you, and especially you, Mrs. Rajavi.

Gen. Chuck Wald, former Deputy Commander of U.S. European Command, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Gen. Chuck Wald, former Deputy Commander of U.S. European Command

I think change is going to come to Iran very fast, and Madam Rajavi, you should be ready. I can’t wait to see the looks on the faces of the people in Iran, especially the former regime when they have a female president in their country.

Michel Reiss, former Director of U.S. State Department Policy Planning and Special Envoy to the Northern Ireland Peace Process, gave a speech in support of the Iranian people’s uprising to overthrow the mullahs’ regime in Iran, standing with Mrs. Rajavi, the NCRI, and the MEK for a free Iran.

Michel Reiss, former Director of U.S. State Department Policy Planning and Special Envoy to the Northern Ireland Peace Process

I’ve listened carefully all day to each of the speakers and I came away with identifying three large themes. The first thing that I heard was courage. All of the people who defied the threats and the warnings to attend this summit today, all of the people who assemble peacefully in Paris earlier today, the people and Ashraf 3, and the brave people every day protesting the regime in Iran. Courage is your byword. Courage is the light that leads to a better future. And it’s inspiring.

The second theme is global support. People all over the world support what you’re doing, what you stand for. It’s not just that they oppose the tyranny in Tehran. They endorse, they share the values, Madam Rajavi, of your Ten-Point Plan. That’s why you have support everywhere you look. And the third thing. The third thing that I heard was confidence. Confidence in your inspiring leadership, confidence that with your leadership, a better day is coming soon for the people of Iran.

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