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Maryam Rajavi: Iranian Resistance will thwart mullahs’ evil dreams

NCRI, Vienna – In a message to the rally of Iranians in Vienna on November 24 Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance extended her gratitude to all those who had gathered here today to support the Iranian people’s opposition to the religious dictatorship in Iran arming itself with nuclear weapons and in support of the referral of the regime’s nuclear file to the Security Council.
Mrs. Rajavi said: The clerical regime’s nuclear crisis has entered a critical and dangerous phase in recent months. With the rise of Ahmadinejad as the mullahs’ president, this regime has combined its ambition to acquire nuclear weapons with a call for the destruction of other countries in the region, its active support for terrorism, and its expansionist interference in Iraq.
In the present circumstances, the mullahs emboldened threat posture has been made possible by the weak and indulgent response and hesitation of Western policy towards that regime. The policy of appeasement and the numerous concessions and opportunities afforded to the mullahs in recent weeks by Europe and the United States, will only buy time for the mullahs and will eventually lead to war and catastrophe.
The Iranian Resistance’s President-elect addressed the Board of Governors of the IAEA, the European Union countries, and the member states of the UN Security Council, on behalf of the Iranian nation whose representatives have gathered here today in front of the IAEA headquarters and said:
•    The clerical regime’s nuclear file must be referred to the Security Council without delay and the mullahs’ must not be given further opportunity to advance their nuclear projects.
•    The mullahs’ regime in Iran must be placed under comprehensive sanctions.
•    The leaders of this regime must face an international court for their crimes against humanity.
•    The religious dictatorship in Iran must be expelled from the United Nations and other international bodies.
•    The Iranian people’s inalienable right to resist against religious fascism in Iran must be recognized and the name of the Mojahedin must be eliminated from the terror lists.
Mrs. Rajavi emphasized: This Resistance movement has informed the world about the mullahs’ secret nuclear activities and will continue to thwart their evil dreams with all its might. We seek the help and solidarity of all supporters of peace and human rights in this struggle.

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