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People’s Mojahedin of Iran should now be removed from EU terror list – Euro MPs

Panel of MEPs in Strasbourg conferenceThe Iranian regime’s threats to world peace and security and the EU policy on the regime was debated in a meeting organized by a political group in the European Parliament on Wednesday, October 26.

Mr. Mogens Camre, vice chair of the “Union for Europe of the Nations Group,” from Denmark, opened the meeting by saying: “We are gathered here today to declare that the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran should no longer remain in the EU’s terror list. This is a label which suits the Iranian regime. We should convince the EU’s Council of Ministers to do this immediately.”
He then welcomed the participants and introduced the speakers in the panel and invited Mohammad Mohaddessin, chair of the NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee to deliver his speech.
In order to address the threats posed by the ruling fundamentalists in Iran, specially after belligerent remarks by Ahmadinejad on October 26, Mohaddessin looked at the problem from three angles; mullahs’ nuclear threat, Islamic fundamentalist threat emanating from Iran, and the way they should be tackled. He expressed regrets that, “there are some in the West who believe there is no alternative to a clerical regime armed with nuclear weapons and think they can compromise with such a regime.”
Morten Høglund, Member of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Enlarged Foreign Affairs Committee of the Norwegian Parliament followed remarks by Mohaddessin and spoke of his experience with the People’s Mojahedin and his visit to Camp Ashraf.
He also unveiled the clerical regime’s disinformation campaign against the PMOI and reiterated that contrary to mullahs’ propaganda, PMOI is a truly democratic movement and it is greatly respected by Iraqis for their anti-fundamentalist beliefs.
A number of other MEPs on the floor including Paulo Casaca, co-chair of the Friends of a Free Iran, Vytautas Landsbergis, former President of Lithuania and Dr. Bernat Joan-I-Mari from Spain spoke about the clerical regime’s threats which have become even more apparent after Ahmadinejad’s remarks. They emphasized that there was no longer any justification to maintain the PMOI in the terror lists and called for its immediate removal.