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We should devise a decisive policy on Iran, support Iranian Resistance – US Congressman

NCRI – Thousands of Iranians who rallied before the White House on Thursday in support of the Iranian Resistance for democratic change in Iran, received messages of solidarity from several members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. The following are excerpts of a message from Congressman Ed Towns (D – NY 10):

I am very delighted to stand up with you at this critical juncture of your homeland’s history and support your quest for a democratic change in Iran. Your presence here in the Capital of our Nation, is welcomed.

As you gather here today the Iranian regime is defiantly pursuing its nuclear weapons program which threatens the region and the world. Considering the recent comments made by the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the International Community is rightly concerned about the intentions behind their nuclear policy.

The clerical regime is one of the most brutal tyrannies in the world. They have been condemned 52 times by the United Nations for the gross violations of human rights. There have been 140 cases of reported executions since Ahmadinejad became President. His agenda consists of increased suppression of the people and moving forward with the nuclear weapons program.

On the nuclear front the world has finally begun to acknowledge that Tehran never had any intention of halting efforts to enrich uranium and build a nuclear bomb. Mullahs cunning tactics should thus serve to drive home the point that nuclear weapons in the hands of such a regime would be dangerous, not only to Iran’s neighbors, but to the security of the entire region.

As an indication of Iran meddling in Iraq, and just a day before the recent Iraq’s elections, U.S. trained Iraqi border patrol officers seized a tanker trying to cross from Iran loaded with forged ballots. Last week, the American ambassador in Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad noted: "Iraq is in a particularly difficult neighborhood…. There are predatory states, the hegemonic states, with aspirations of regional hegemony in the area, such as Iran. There are states that fear success of democracy here… that it might be infectious and spread."

The only reasonable and viable way for the Iranian people and the West is to support a democratic change by backing the Iranian Resistance and its organized opposition. We should say YES to Mrs. Rajavi’s call for a democratic change by Iranian people.

We should remove the National Council of Resistance and the People’s Mojahedin of Iran off of the terrorist list.

We should devise a decisive policy on Iran. We should support Iranian people and their legitimate resistance for democratic change in Iran. It is not in our interest anymore to keep the MEK on the terror list. The MEK designation was the fist step in a road to engage “Moderate” in Iran. Now that Ahmadinejad has been selected as the President of Iran, it is obvious that no "moderate" or "reformist" will emerge from this regime.

I admire your sacrifice to free your country. I know you also have a “dream” for your country. It is attainable only when people like you stand for freedom.

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