Italy: Condemnation of 1988 Massacre of 30,000 Political Prisoners in Iran

NCRI - Necessity for UN probe & prosecution of perpetrators

The Piemonte provincial council in Italy issued its resolution 985 condemning the 1988 massacre of over 30,000 political prisoners in Iran.

- Recently details of this massacre and arbitrary and constant executions in Iran have shocked the society in Iran and the entire international community.

Iran Media Responding to Sen. McCain Visiting PMOI/MEK in Albania

NCRI - A few days after the meeting between Sen. John McCain and Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi in Tirana, the ‘Dideban’ website linked to Iranian intelligence posted a piece titled “A meeting and a few warnings”, expressing Tehran’s utter defeat in its attempt to annihilate its opposition, the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), prior to the their transfer outside of Iraq.

Supporting the Resistance of Iran, a Serious Measure to Harness Iran Regime

NCRI - In an article about Iranian regime’s interventions in the region, Jordan’s Al-Ra’i newspaper writes:

The Iranian regime has gone too far by starting a game much bigger than its role, while not being afraid of insulting Jordan.

Mullahs' Foreign Ministry: Senator McCain's Meeting With Mrs. Rajavi Is Wrong U.S. Policy in Expansion of Terrorism

NCRI - In a journalists’ briefing on Monday, April 17, the Spokesman of the Foreign Ministry of the clerical regime lashed out against the meeting of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, and Senator John McCain, the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee of the U.S. Senate. He said, this meeting is part of the “wrong policy and obscene conducts of the U.S. in expanding terrorism in the region,” adding, “This is a mistake that the U.S. government will pay for like other mistakes.”

McCain Praised the Leadership of Rajavi, Stressing: "…Iran Will Be Free and We Will Gather in Freedom Square in Tehran."

Meeting between McCain and #NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi is the title of an article appeared in the ‘EU Reporter April 15, 2017’. According to this report yesterday, Senator John McCain (R-AZ), the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, met in Tirana, Albania, with Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and they discussed the latest state of affairs in Iran, the clerical regime’s despicable interfering in the Middle East region and prospects for the future.

New York Post: The National Council of Resistance of Iran That So Frightens the Mullahs

The following article titled: “Dividing the enemy alliance: inside the Trump strategy,” by F.H. Buckley appeared in ‘New York Post’, on April 12, 2017.

Though Trump won’t get much credit for it, the last few weeks were a triumph for American diplomacy. We put a tyrant on notice that he can’t use weapons of mass destruction on his own people, we put paid to the idiotic suggestion that President Trump is subservient to Vladimir Putin, we rallied the West and spooked our enemies — and we did all this without the loss of a single US serviceman.

Norwegian Parliament: Iran Regime, the Source of Terrorism and Exporting Islamic Fundamentalism

NCRI - A conference was held in Norway titled, “Islamic Fundamentalism: What is the solution?” in which Norwegian MPs from various parties, representatives of different embassies, including the Dutch Ambassador in Norway, and a number of Iranian Resistance supporters took part.

Iran: MEK Massacre in Camp Ashraf, Remembrance Statement by Political Prisoners

NCRI - On Thursday, April 6th 2017, the political prisoners of Gohardasht (Rajai Shahr) Prison issued a statement on the anniversary of the attack on the Mojahedin of Camp Ashraf on April 8th 2011. The statement entitled "Remember Saba and her comrades" is about the brutal attack of Iraqi forces on the Mujahedins resided in Camp Ashraf. Saba Haftbaradaran was a female Member of MEK in the city of Ashraf who was shot and martyred by the Maliki's forces. 

Geneva – UN European HQ: Condemning Executions in Iran

call to hold perpetrators of 1988 massacre accountable

Speakers at a conference held in the United Nations European Headquarters in Geneva by the international Radical Party condemned widespread human rights violations and increasing executions in Iran, and discussed the 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in Iran.

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