Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Iran: “Those who speak of military option are liars and bluffers,” Suleimani says

Ghasem Suleimani , the commander of the terrorist Quds Force of the Iranian regime said: ” Those who speak of the military option are liars and bluffers . The reality is that the Islamic Republic of Iran has forced America to kneel before it. “

In a speech in city of Sirjan (a town in Kerman province , southeast Iran ), Suleimani tried to neutralize the consequences of nuclear Geneva agreement within the Iranian society. Many Iranians believe that the mullahs’ weakness and their fear of a U.S. military attack forced the mullahs to return to the negotiating table.

Suleimani said: ” Those who claim that Iran was forced to participate in negotiations because of the sanctions and threats, and those who say that the Islamic regime is weakened are liars. America is a weakened power and is on the verge of implosion. In economic terms , America is the country with largest debt in the world . On the military side, wherever the Americans intervened , they failed. “

The Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards Corp ( IRGC ) is composed of five “forces” which are: Land Force , Air Force, Marine Force, Basij ( paramilitary responsible for internal repression ) and Qods Force (responsible for operations outside Iran ) . Many countries around the world consider the Quds Force as a terrorist entity.