Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Iran: Widespread Clashes of Looted Depositors of a State Affiliated Financial Institution

NCRI – Looted depositors of a state affiliated development financial institution protested in different parts of the Khorramabad city in Western Iran, including in front of governor’s office, on Sunday morning May 28th.

According to reports, demonstrators were chanting death to the governor (Death to Bazvand), and Death to Dowlatshah (Director of the Institute). They blocked the street and didn’t allow even one car to pass. According to a video clip from the protest scene in front of development financial institution, angry people of Khorramabad attacked the building with stone, and broke its glasses.

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These protests are happening, while the officials of the agency have announced and promised two days ago, that they will pay looted depositors this Sunday. But, when the due day came to be empty with no deed, it provoked the anger of those looted depositors, and they attacked the Governor’s and institute’s buildings.

The protestors are demanding an investigation into the matter and reimbursement of their deposits. Angry protesters chanting slogan against the regime and brokers, and said no one is being accountable.

In fear of spreading the massive protest within the city, Police Special Forces unit, were dispatched to the scene from the early hours of this morning in front of the regime governor’s building.
Demonstrators at the bank crossroad stormed the central national bank, and intended going into the bank, which were prevented by the police. They also wanted to set fire into the street by pouring gasoline which again were prevented by police.

Police Special Forces raided demonstrators with water cannons and intended to disperse them, but people have resisted and would not be willing to retreat.