NCRI- The members of the US House of Representatives brought forward two proposals against the Iranian regime. The member of Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives, Alcee Hastings put forward one of the proposals that allows using arm forces to confront the Iranian regime.

The proposal entitled "the authorization to use US armed forces to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons" was presented to the Foreign Affairs Committee of US House of Representatives on 3rd of January 2017.

The other proposal calls for imposing sanctions on the Iranian regime since it has expanded ballistic missile plans. This proposal has also been presented to the relevant committees on 3rd of January 2017.The proposals were made simultaneously with the start of the US Congress.

The 115 round of US congress was started with the presence of the majority of the Republicans on 3rd of January 2017. As Trump takes office on 20th January 2017, the Republicans will hold the control of the White House as well as the two US Congresses for the first time after 2007.

Arman Newspaper: the people have power on social media. They have been aware of happenings.

On 5th of January 2017, Arman newspaper affiliated with Rafsanjani and Rouhani, expressed concern about the critical economic and social conditions and talked about the necessity to preserve peace in the community. The article reads:"the citizens are dealing with inflation, unemployment, social disorders and harms. The people need honesty and practical actions in development. The recent financial corruption is a major blow to the people's trust and mentality."

The article adds:"there is nothing worse than corruption and embezzlement for the honorable people of Iran who suffered severely from problems. As a matter of fact, the people complain about the existing conflict among authorities. They are tired of all sorts of embezzlements."

This state-run newspaper warned about public awareness in regard to social network:"today nothing is hidden from the people. The people holds power on social media and the media has raised people's awareness."

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