NCRI - The U.S. Senate recently approved sanctions against Iranian Revolutionary Guards, has escalated the infighting war of wolves within the Iranian regime’s system. "Passive diplomacy”, "gesture of detente”, and "what America has learned from Rouhani’s strategic actions", are phrases that authorities, Khamenei’s faction members and media have expressed in response to new sanctions.

Keyhan newspaper affiliated with Khamenei’s faction has written series of articles about it, attacking Rouhani and his faction, on June 17, 2017, stated: “Mr. Rouhani, you have demolished it, and you have to build it up”.

This newspaper also makes remarks in its daily editorial with lots of remorse such as: "I wish, it was just violation of JCPOA", “now, due to the sanctions," What will happen to the foundation of Iranian Revolutionary Guards"? How will Rouhani’s administration respond to these sanctions? It seems that, at least in part because Americans have the courage to do such things, we should look at our internal issues... While in such a serious situation, all the Rouhani’s administration is concerned with, instead of attacking America, attacks its critics ... It implies, Westerners! Do sanction us, because you will not see any effective response from us, regarding violation of JCPOA... continuation of such situation is “as an absolute damage”, and even, it can create complicated problems and draw from economics to other areas”.

Keyhan, in another article titled "The JCPOA tree bore its fruit" with such words as “we demolished our own nuclear, and now, it is missile’s turn" and "win-win result of the nuclear gone, but sanctions remained”. He concluded “fruits of JCPOA are sanctions against the regime, pressure, threats, humiliation and insult”.

The government affiliated “mission” newspaper on June 17, 2017, attacking Rouhani and Javad Zarif, regime’s foreign minister, wrote: "People need to know, who are those within the administration that had made the US Secretary of State hopeful to help them, to change regime, those, who are making the wishes and dreams of the United States come true”.

Emphasizing the deadlock of regime, the state affiliated “Vatane Emrooz” newspaper on June 17, 2017 also wrote: "What America has learned from strategic and tactical actions of Rouhani, has brought Washington to conclusions as follows:

1. Sanctions will change the behavior of the system,

2. Administration won’t respond to sanctions and pressures

3. The government is not prepared to absorb "complementary external pressure," and instead of reactions, pushes for new deals, and

4. The Rouhani’s government number one priority in foreign policy is to keep JCPOA”.

Naghavi Hosseini, spokesman of the regime’s parliament Security Commission, said that, this bill of the US Senate is not just a normal sanctions bill against Iran, but it is a mother plan that the sanctions will be broadly implemented against our system. It does not need any legal formalities, because it will be enacted by the executive order of the US President.

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