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Iran regime threatening EU for its human rights concern

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ImageNCRI – Iranian regime will halt its human rights dialogue with the European Union, according to mullahs’ foreign ministry spokesman, after it condemned continued abuses by the regime.

"During the current year, the EU has put forward human rights resolutions with political intentions, and naturally this trend will leave no place for Iran to continue human rights talks," state-run media quoted the spokesman on Thursday.

He described EU’s condemnation of human rights abuses in Iran as an “unconstructive approach” and threatened “it is clear that they will bear the consequences,” and added that the regime “will not allow other countries to meddle in its internal affairs."

The EU presidency condemned the ongoing abuses in Iran in a statement issued on Tuesday which said: "The EU is deeply concerned that the human rights situation in Iran has not improved in any significant respect in recent years, and in many respects has worsened.”

The EU began a human rights dialogue talks with Iranian regime in 2002 but has voiced disappointment at the lack of progress and the fact that Tehran has agreed to no new talks since 2004.