A Peek Behind the Curtain of the Iranian Regime

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NCRI - The Iranian Regime has two pillars that keep its façade upright while it crumbles elsewhere: domestic repression and the export of fundamentalist Islamic terrorism.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and their militant Quds Force, led by Qassem Suleimani, who is responsible for the IRGC’s extraterritorial operations, are the main parties responsible for this.

Some in the West are fooled by this and the so-called moderate President Hassan Rouhani who tells them not to pay attention to what goes on behind the curtain, but let’s take just a small peek behind that curtain.

International Security Conference Finds Iran Regime Is a Danger to the Middle East

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NCRI - The Iranian Regime is still a major sponsor of regional terrorist militias and has planted proxy forces in several key areas in order to spread chaos, sectarianism and extremism, according to participants at an annual international security conference in Bahrain.

Bahrain’s Foreign Minister, Shaikh Khalid Bin Ahmad Al Khalifa, told attendees at the Manama Dialogue 2017 that the Iranian Regime had a “network of surrogates” ready to commit acts of violence and destruction across the Middle East, West Africa, and Latin America.

The U.S. Administration's Pick for the Iran Post Will Likely Back a More Aggressive Stance

The Trump administration plans to install a political appointee at the State Department to a key position managing policy on Iran and Iraq, a move that will replace a career diplomat with a loyal supporter of the president.

Andrew L. Peek, a former captain in the U.S. Army Reserve and member of the president’s State Department transition team, will become the new deputy assistant secretary of state covering Iran and Iraq, according to three State Department officials familiar with the matter.

Lebanese PM Slams Iran Regime-Backed Iraqi Militia

Saad Hariri orders group leader Qais al-Khazali banned from country after trip organized by Hezbollah, whose regional interventions have drawn premier's ire


BEIRUT — Lebanon’s prime minister on Saturday criticized a visit by an Iranian-backed Iraqi militia leader to Lebanon’s border with Israel, saying it violated local law.

The trip by Qais al-Khazali, the founder and leader of the Asaib Ahl al-Haq militia, or League of the Righteous, was organized by Lebanon’s Iranian proxy Hezbollah, the powerful terror group and arch-foe of Israel.

World Powers Want to Stabilise Lebanon Against Iran Regime

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NCRI - World powers are trying to stabilise Lebanon, on Friday, December 8, by pushing the Iranian Regime to stop interfering in the country’s political system, and urging the Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorist group, which holds a vast amount of political power in Lebanon, to reign in its activities elsewhere in the Middle East.

Chaos erupted in Lebanon when Saad al-Hariri resigned as prime minister on November 4, claiming that Hezbollah and the Iranian Regime were plotting to assassinate him- as they did his father in 2005- and assessing that it was impossible to get any substantive work done with Hezbollah blocking his every move.

Iran Regime Hacking Group Exposed

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NCRI - Top cyber security researchers at ClearSky Cyber Security believe that they have linked three hackers, including the man who allegedly hacked into HBO and extorted them for millions of dollars, to the Iranian advanced persistent threat group Charming Kitten.

A recent report from the cyber security firm, details intelligence about Charming Kitten and notes that one of its key members is Iranian national Behzad Mesri (aka Skote Vahshat), who has been indicted in the US for the HBO hack, data theft including unaired episodes of network shows, ransom demands, and the leaking of content to the internet.

France and Germany: Iran Must "Roll Back" Ballistic Missile Programme and Stop Destabilising the Middle East

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NCRI - The French foreign minister announced that France and Germany have agreed that the Iranian Regime Iran must "roll back" its malign ballistic missile programme and its dangerous meddling in the other countries of the Middle East.

Jean-Yves Le Drian made these comments at a joint press conference in Paris with his German counterpart, Sigmar Gabriel, on December 4.

The Danger of Overlooking Iran Regime in North Korean Missile Problem

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NCRI - The North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile launch in the early hours of Wednesday morning sent shockwaves across the world and many are now considering how best to deal with the threat posed by Kim Jong Un.

After all the missile could have hit anywhere in the continental United States if it had been launched at a lower trajectory and US Defense Secretary James Mattis has revealed that the launch shows that North Korea could now hit “everywhere in the world, basically”.

Iran: Preparation for Taking Next Poisoned Chalices

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NCRI - On Monday November 13, 2017, Rouhani submitted a bill to Iranian regime’s parliament to join the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism. This once again turned into the subject of new clashes between regime’s two rival bands.

The band close to regime leader Ali Khamenei accuses Rouhani of taking advantage of the mess caused by the earthquake the night before, saying “we were too distracted to oppose the bill.”

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