Violent clashes erupt once again in southern city of Ahwaz

ImageNCRI - Residents of Ahwaz, southern Iran, clashed with the suppressive agents of the State Security Forces in a rally on Eid al-Adha, a religious festival, on Thursday.
Demonstrators took to the streets after special Eid al-Adha rituals and demanded the freedom of political prisoners arrested during a demonstration about two and half months ago.

Reining in Iran

BILL FRIST (R-Tenn.) Senate majority leaderBy Bill Frist
BILL FRIST (R-Tenn.) is Senate majority leader.

Los Angeles Times - Iran's ruling mullahs have waged a 26-year campaign to suppress dissent, support terror and pursue a nuclear weapons program. In recent weeks, it has become clear that international efforts to stop Iran's atomic program have failed to bear fruit. Unless we act quickly, the United States will have a nuclear crisis on its hands.

Iran regime threatening EU for its human rights concern

ImageNCRI – Iranian regime will halt its human rights dialogue with the European Union, according to mullahs’ foreign ministry spokesman, after it condemned continued abuses by the regime.

"During the current year, the EU has put forward human rights resolutions with political intentions, and naturally this trend will leave no place for Iran to continue human rights talks," state-run media quoted the spokesman on Thursday.

EU berates Iran on rights before nuclear talks

ImageReuters, BRUSSELS - The European Union today accused Iran of persistent and grave human rights failings in a toughly worded statement issued on the eve of new talks on Tehran's nuclear ambitions.

Alleging abuses ranging from media censorship through to child executions, the EU said its three-year dialogue with Iran on human rights had stalled with little to show for it.

EU says Iran must show greater respect for human rights

ImageDow Jones Newswires, BRUSSELS - European Union foreign ministers called on Iran Monday to show greater respect for human rights, saying the situation in Iran was deteriorating and damaging E.U.-Iran ties. The E.U. ministers said they regretted that Iran has failed to hold talks on human rights this year, "despite the E.U.'s strong and repeated requests."

Iran-U.S.: John Kerry assails comments by Ahmadinejad on Holocaust

The former Democratic presidential candidate Senator John Kerry
NCRI - The former Democratic presidential candidate Senator John Kerry denounced remarks by clerical regime’s President Ahmadinejad questioning the Holocaust and suggesting that Israel should be relocated to Austria or Germany.

"For the leader of any country to question whether the Holocaust happened and suggest Israel be moved to Europe is beyond unacceptable," Kerry said in a statement on Thursday.

Iran-U.S.: White House swats at Ahmadinejad's remarks on Israel

White House spokesman Scott McClellanNCRI - The White House said Thursday that Ahmadinejad's suggestion that Israel be moved to Europe underlined Washington's concerns about the regime in Iran.

"It just further underscores our concerns about the regime in Iran. And it's all the more reason why it's so important that the regime not have the ability to develop nuclear weapons," said White House spokesman Scott McClellan.

Iran-Germany: German government summons mullahs' envoy over Ahmadinejad's remarks

German Foreign Ministtry Frank-Walter Steinmeier NCRI - The German Foreign Ministry said on Friday it had summoned mullahs’ ambassador to protest against suggestions by Ahmadinejad that the Holocaust might not have happened and that Israel should be moved to Europe.

Ministry spokesman Martin Jaeger said at a government news conference the decision to deliver a formal protest to mullahs’ envoy in Berlin was meant to show that Berlin was taking the Ahmadinejad’s comments very seriously.

Italy Upbraids Iran on Israel Stance

Italian Foreign Minister Gianfranco FiniAssociated Press, November 6 - Italy said Sunday that Iran was isolating itself with its call for the destruction of Israel — the latest retort reflecting increasing diplomatic tensions between the two countries.

"No one wants to isolate Iran," Italy's Foreign Ministry said. "On the contrary we all hope that Tehran, adopting responsible conduct, wants to play a role of stabilization in its region, but it is Iran which inevitably isolates itself the moment it denies the right to exist to another state and other people."

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