Tehran's Conduct Following the Nuclear Agreement (JCPOA)

Intensification of terrorism, belligerence, ballistic missile program

The following report is compiled by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran.


Four years after the start of serious nuclear talks in mid-2013 in Geneva and more than two years after the agreement reached in July 2015, the impact and outcome of this agreement at the regional and international level have evolved as major issues of concern and debate.

Iran Regime's Revolutionary Guards Warned Over Iraq by U.S.

The director of the CIA says he sent a letter to an Iranian general warning him that Washington will hold Tehran responsible for any attacks on U.S. interests by Iran-backed forces in Iraq.

Director Mike Pompeo on December 2 told a defense forum in Simi Valley, California, that the letter to Qassem Soleimani commander of Iran regime’s terrorist Quds force was never opened but that he wanted to send it because Soleimani had indicated his forces might threaten U.S. interests in Iraq.

France's Approach to Iran Regime's Belligerence

NCRI Staff

NCRI - The international community is starting to respond differently to Iran, its belligerence, the nuclear deal and its ballistic missile program.

It appears that European leaders and the US President seem to follow each other’s lead when it comes to foreign policy towards Iran. When former president Barack Obama was in office, the Iranian regime was left to its own devices and never so much as heard as harsh word after any of the many acts of belligerence it carried out. Iran was also given concession after concession during the nuclear deal negotiations and European leaders tended to agree with Obama that the nuclear deal was so crucial and essential to regional peace and security.

British PM Warns Against Iran Regime's "Destabilizing" Influence

NCRI Staff

NCRI - British Prime Minister Theresa May slammed on Thursday the Iranian regime’s “destabilizing” regional influence and called for a stronger response to Tehran’s ballistic missile program.

She was speaking in Amman where she visited on Thursday on the return leg of a visit that also took in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, where she met with King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

In a speech in the Jordanian capital on Thursday, the British prime minister said that it was not just Daesh (ISIS) and the Assad regime that posed a threat to the stability of neighboring Syria, Arab News reported on Friday.

Ongoing Internal Feud Between Iran Regime Rival Bands

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NCRI - In an open letter to the Supreme Leader of Iran regime, former Iran regime’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had criticised the inefficiency of the three branches of government, in particular the judiciary, after he has practically been found guilty of embezzling around $3 billion in public funds.

In the letter to Ali Khamenei, Ahmadinejad accused the judiciary of illegally serving the interests of its leaders rather than the public, which he claims eliminates any hope of reforms for the justice system.

Iran: Escalating Factional Feuds Over Rouhani's Claims on His First Hundred-Days' Feats

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NCRI - The TV interview of Iran regime's President Hassan Rouhani on November 28 and his claims about his first 100-day performance in his second term has faced opposition from his band as well as the rival bands.

The media affiliated to Rouhani expressed frustration over his negligence and disregard for the dire economic situation and crisis that the regime has been encountering and struggling with. The media affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) described Rouhani's statements as “cliché” and “claiming unrealistic achievements”.

Tillerson Discusses Iran Regime's "Malign Influence" With Bahraini Crown Prince

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NCRI - US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with the Crown Prince of Bahrain, on Wednesday, to discuss how to counter the Iranian Regime’s malign influence on the Middle East.

Bahrain recently blames the Iranian Regime following a terrorist attack that caused an explosion at an oil pipeline. Bahrain's Interior Minister Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa said that this was an attempt to destabilize the kingdom, which is a close ally of Saudi Arabia.

Iran Regime's Sanctions Case Goes to Court

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NCRI - Reza Zarrab, a well-off Turkish-Iranian businessman, is going to testify in court in the United States with regards to a case that implicates senior officials in Iran and Turkey of being involved in activities that have helped Iranian regime to evade US sanctions that it is subject to.

Zarrab has pleaded guilty to being involved in the scheme. He is expected to testify that the scale of the activities was enormous and that senior government officials of both countries had taken action to disguise the plots.

Iran Regime and North Korea's Collaboration Exposed

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NCRI - A series of meetings between high-ranking officials from Iran and North Korea is causing increased concern in US national security circles about the close relationship between the two rogue nations.

In an analysis from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, written by former Wall Street Journal reporter Jay Solomon, we learn that US intelligence circles are concerned that the American adversaries may well be sharing information on creating more advanced and more dangerous ballistic missiles.

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