Fearful Reaction of Iran Regime Over Lebanese Prime Minister Resignation

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NCRI - Following the resignation of the Lebanese Prime Minister, who was protesting the interference of the Iranian regime in Lebanon and the Arab countries, the regime was caught in surprise. One can easily observe the Iranian regime’s worries and fearful reactions in their officials and media stands regarding international and regional confrontation against the regime following resignation of Lebanon’s PM.

Bahrain Orders Citizens to Leave Lebanon a Midst Tension With Iran Regime

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NCRI - Bahrain has ordered its citizens to leave Lebanon amid mounting tensions between regional Sunni powers and Iran regime that have left the government in Beirut on the brink of collapse. Wrote Sara, Elizabeth Williams in ‘The Telegraph News’ on November 5, the following is an excerpt of this article.

The order from Bahrain’s Foreign Ministry reflects growing fears for Lebanon’s stability following the shock resignation of Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri on Saturday.

Saad Hariri Lebanese Prime Minister Resigns, Blasts Iran Regime, Hezbollah for Meddling in Arab Affairs

Hariri says he fears a 'plot to target his life,' threatens that 'Iran's arms in the region will be cut off'

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced he is resigning in a surprise move on Saturday following a trip to Saudi Arabia.
In a televised broadcast, Hariri said he feared a plot to target his life and criticized Iran and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah for meddling in Arab affairs.

The Fear and Panic of Iran Regime, From New Sanctions and Terrorist Designation of IRGC

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NCRI - A member of the Iranian regime parliament announced that the new U.S. sanctions, known as "Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act", against the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) are much more dangerous than the Security Council Resolution 2231.

Ahmed Amir Abadi said the UNSC Resolution only prohibits ballistic missiles designed to carry nuclear warhead, but in the Act, a variety of the regime’s ballistic missile activities and programs are banned and short and medium range missiles are also prohibited even if they are not designed to carry nuclear warhead.

The US Blocks Iran Regime From Research Project Over Trust Fears

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NCRI - The US has prevented the Iranian Regime from collaborating on a multibillion-dollar fusion experiment in France over fears that the Regime cannot be trusted.

Although it has been expected for months that the Iranian Regime would be taking part in the ITER project in a limited capacity, the US has blocked them through its seat on the governing council as Iran’s participation must be approved unanimously. The ITER council will hold a meeting later this month to address the issue.

Southern Iran: Four People Killed in an Oil - Field Inferno

On Sunday October 29, state-run media reported that the following the break out of an inferno in 'Rage Sefid' Oil field in Southeastern Ahvaz, four people were killed, it is noteworthy that fire had started on Friday October 27, but due to insufficient equipment it was not exterminated till 24 hours later.

Iran Regime's Role in Beirut Bombings

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NCRI - As a result of the double bombing in Lebanon’s capital Beirut in 1983, 241 American service members were killed, as well as 58 French military personnel and six civilians. On top of all these deaths, hundreds more were injured. In October that year, a water tanker was driven by a suicide bomber into the US Marine barracks. Approximately 1,000 kilograms of explosives were detonated. The attack was claimed by the Islamic Jihad which has links with Iranian regime.

The Importance of U.N. Report on Iran

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NCRI - The representatives of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), Ms. Dowlat Nowrouzi in an interview with ‘Simay Azadi’ the satellite television of the Iranian Resistance, talked about the recent UN report on Iran in the Third Committee of the General Assembly, stressing that this is one of the most significant achievements of Iran's Resistance in international affairs.

Iran: The Impact of Economic Sanctions Against the IRGC

Living in genteel poverty! May be a nice equivalent for a Persian idiom, which points to those people who are really miserable but pretend otherwise. The following article by Heshmat Alavi which appeared in the Forbes on October 27, clarifies another example of the Iranian regime and its advocates’ ever hypocritical reasoning, this time over sanction issue.

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