Friday, April 10, 2020
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Iranian Regime’s Economic Expert: Having Seven to Eight Million Unemployed Is a Major Challenge for the Country

NCRI – Yahya Ale Eshaq, an Iranian regime’s economic expert, has stated that having 7-8 million unemployed is a major challenge for the regime.

In an interview with the terrorist Quds Force’s ‘Tasnim’ news agency on Sunday October 30, Ale Eshaq said that “ when the bureau of statistics announces the unemployment rate, it should make it clear according to which criteria the rate has been calculated? Should someone who works for only an hour a week be regarded as a working person? A two-million youth unemployment figure does not reflect the reality. The fact is, that there are currently around seven to eight million jobless in the country.”

The economic expert said that at the moment there are five million unemployed graduates and added: “according to the bureau of statistics, we have currently about two and a half million unemployed, but some sources speak of a six and a half million unemployment figure which, Considering the social realities, the latter seems to be the correct one.”

Ale Eshaq stated that stagnation, unemployment, inflation and lack of jobs for the youth are the major challenges for the Iranian regime. He added: “one of the major challenges for the country is having 7 to 8 million unemployed people most of whom are educated. Therefore, we should pay special attention to this issue so as to figure out a solution.”