Friday, February 26, 2021
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Iranians protest in Tehran, Ahwaz, Sari and Zanjan

NCRI – Reports from Iran of some of the latest anti-regime protests:

Medical Students Protest in Tehran

On Monday, May 16, a group of students of Tehran University of Medical Sciences rallied in opposition to the fundamentalist regime’s plan to impose gender segregation in the university library and other so-called ‘security measures’ on campus.

Medical Staff at Rasool Akram Hospital Protest in Tehran

On Sunday, May 15, a group of medical and administrative staff at Rasool Akram Hospital in Tehran gathered in the hospital courtyard protesting the delay in salary payments. Hospital officials promised that they would soon pay the unpaid dues. The demonstrators stipulated that they will resume the protest if the promises are not fulfilled.

Fifth Day of Continuous Sit-in by Students in Zanjan

On Monday, May 16, students of Zanjan University, north-west Iran, continued their non-stop protest against the appalling low level of university services. On the 5th day of the continuous sit-in, protesters urged all students on campus to join them in their demand for a settlement of their claims.

Bakhtiari Compatriots Protest in Ahwaz

On Monday, May 16, a group of Iranian Bakhtiari compatriots in Ahwaz, south-west Iran, lodged a protest against the destruction of national monuments and the desolation of icons of the Constitutional Revolution by agents of the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. During the demonstration, a number of Bakhtiari compatriots were arrested by suppressive state security forces.

Looted Victims Rally in Sari

On Monday, May 16, victims of a financial scam by the state-affiliated “Mehr-e-Etemad Aria” funding institute in Sari, northern Iran, rallied in 15th-Khordad Street in front of the Central Branch of Resalat Bank, demanding the return of their looted money. This funding institute has been integrated with Resalat Bank in agreement with the Central Bank.