Monday, November 16, 2020
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Italy: A Conference to Support the Movement Of “Justice for Victims of 1988 Massacre in Iran.”

NCRI – In commemoration of the 30 thousand martyrs of the 1988 massacre in Iran, a conference was held in the main hall of the Central University of Sassari to support the “Justice Seeking Movement” and to condemn the mass executions as well as the repression of women by the clerical regime of Iran.

The mayor of Sassari, the director of the Amnesty International and the Italian representatives participated in this conference. A delegation of the Iranian Resistance also attended and had a speech.

The opening of the conference was made by Dr. Virginia Pishbin and the guests and speakers were introduced.

After that, the political-cultural advisor of Sassari’s Mayor, Raffaella Sau welcomed the delegation of the Iranian Resistance and said:”I want to express my gratitude to the Association of the Iranian youths in Italy for holding the conference. I also thank those who resist in order to attract the worldwide attention. I appreciate you for your activities which shape our public opinion against violence and genocide in your country.”

In the beginning of the conference, a member of the Women’s Commission of NCRI, Elahe Arjmandi expounded the Massacre of 1988 in which 30000 political prisoners were executed with Khomeini’s Fatwa. She also pointed out the resistance of the Martyrs at the gallows as well as the brutality of Khomeini and the death commissioners.

Elahe Arjmandi also emphasized on the role of the current leaders in the Massacre of 1988 as well as the current wave of executions. She stressed that these leaders shall be tried and this is what the Justice Seeking Movement advocates.

The next speaker of the conference was Elham Zanjani. She stipulated that the Mullahs’ regime represses women and the women’s role in Iran is to stand against the phenomenon of fundamentalism which is arising from the system of ‘Velayat e Faqih’ (the Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist). Among 120000 martyrs of Iranian resistance there were a significant number of women and girls who were the members of Peoples Mojahedin Organization of Iran (MEK/PMOI).

Despite the violent suppression, the regime could not scare the youths off. The youths were inspired by the struggle of the leading women who were at the forefront of demonstrations and protests against the clerical regime.

Samira Nariman was the next speaker who spoke on behalf of the Association of the Iranian youths in Italy and explained the activities of the Iranian youths’ Association in Europe and America for supporting the Justice Seeking Movement.

In the second part of the conference, Dr. Stefania Fusco, and Dr. Maria Cristina Carta discussed the misogynistic laws of the Mullahs’ regime as well as the suppression of women in Iran as a fundamental basis of the clerical regime. They also pledged their support to the Justice Seeking Movement and stressed on the necessity of bringing the perpetrators of the Massacre of 1988 to justice.
Last speaker was the mayor of Sassari, Mr Nicola Sanna. Appreciating the conference which was held in honor of the martyrs of freedom. He stated that:”I congratulate the ladies who participated in this conference since the president of the Iranian Resistance is a woman and this contains a significant concept and message. The women lead the resistance at the national and international levels and they are the actual champions of freedom and democracy.

We and our city are on the side of the freedom fighters and the revolutionaries. We welcome the delegation of the Iranian Resistance and we support their struggle for freedom and democracy.”
At the end of the conference, Dr. Virginia Pishbin read a statement condemning the Massacre of 1988 and after that, the participants signed the statement.