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Maryam Rajavi - Condolences for Victims of Iran's Khorassan Earthquake

Written by Staff Writer on .

Maryam Rajavi sends her sympathies and condolences to countrymen and women hit by earthquake in Khorassan:

With great sorrow, I would like to extend my condolences to my afflicted countrymen and women in Khorassan, and particularly to the families of the victims of today's earthquake.

I wish for speedy recovery of those wounded and hurt in this tragic incident.
The leaders of the clerical regime --who plunder the lion's share of the Iranian people's wealth and properties or squander them by spending exorbitant sums on warmongering in the region, repression at home, and their elections sham—refuse to mobilize the minimum facilities and budget needed to attend to problems of the earthquake regions and aide the victims.
As it has been experienced in the previous disasters, the regime's repressive forces prevent people's aid from reaching those in need and government organs, especially the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), steal the greater portion of it.
I urge the courageous youths of Khorassan to act independently and rush to the aid of the victims, particularly the deprived and homeless people who live in the villages near Mashhad. Jointly cooperating to send aid to the people who are afflicted in the earthquake should be seen as a humanitarian and patriotic duty in the struggle against the mullahs' regime.