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Maryam Rajavi’s speech at gathering 60 Iranian associations in nordic countries

Maryam Rajavi's speech in Norway - 2014Dear Friends
Fellow Iranians, Resident in Norway
Members and Representatives of Scandinavian-Iranian Associations in Support of the Iranian Resistance
Greetings to you all

I am very happy to be here in your gathering today.
I have come here to warn the international community to not close their eyes to the continued violations of human rights, daily executions, and repeated crimes of the mullahs’ dictatorship in Iran against members of the PMOI, and to its fanning of the flames of sectarian war in the region, under the guise of nuclear talks with this regime.

The religious tyranny in Iran seeks to delay its own downfall through the massacre of Ashrafis, public hangings in Iran, and support of the carnage in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon. Western governments must not act as the regime’s enablers by their silence.

Recently we learnt that the mullahs’ puppet regime in Iraq has secretly buried the bodies of the 52 victims of the September 1st massacre in Ashraf. In a striking resemblance to the way the murderous Khomeini operated in ordering the secret mass burial of the victims of the 1988 massacre of Iranian political prisoners, the Maliki government in Iraq is not prepared to say exactly when and where this burial took place. Has each of the victims been buried separately and paid their respects or have they been hidden in a mass grave?

Why did the Iraqi puppet government not agree to hand over the bodies of the victims?

Why did it obstruct the publication of the Iraqi Coroner’s Office report on the death of the martyrs?

Why did it is not respond to hundreds of letters and requests and enquiries by the residents of Liberty and the Iranian Resistance asking to take custody of the bodies of their loved ones?

The Iraqi government, with its anti-human behavior, has in effect taken full responsibility for the attack on Ashraf. This proves the validity of the documentary report published by the National Liberation Army of Iran on this matter.

Why are Western governments, and in particular the United States of America, silent on this issue? Why do they facilitate brazen crimes by the Iraqi government? Why have the families of the victims been kept in the dark?

The mothers, fathers, children, and brothers and sisters of the martyrs who are resident in Camp Liberty waited for 160 days to bid farewell to their loved ones and wanted to put them to rest and kiss their foreheads and to renew their vows at their sacred graves.

To you, my dear brothers and sisters in Liberty prison who have lost your loved ones, I say from here that despite this huge crime and injustice, the days of the heartless criminals are numbered and as Massoud (Rajavi) has said:

“I say to the unwavering Ashrafis and to your loyal supporters, remember that no matter where the sacred martyrs of Ashraf are buried today, we consider it to be temporary and in safe-keeping. And any one of us left must one day return them to our homeland and bury them in Khavaran cemetery in Tehran, where we will hold a true memorial service with full PMOI and NLA honors for them in the presence of the Iranian people and youth.”

My Dear Friends,

The siege of Liberty, in terms of medical needs, food, logistical and health requirements, is intensified every day. The obstructionist harassments to provide for T-walls and protective requirements and foxholes are increasing. I warn that another crime against the residents of Liberty is imminent at any moment. The US and UN must act to uphold their responsibilities to prevent such attacks.

We call on the international community to take urgent action to free the Ashraf hostages; temporarily transfer all PMOI members in Liberty to the US and Europe; provide for their immediate protective needs in the face of rocket attacks, station UN observers and a Blue Helmet contingent inside Liberty; and facilitate the sale of property in Ashraf by the residents’ legal representative. The United Nations must refer the attack on Ashraf as a crime against humanity for further investigation and prosecution to the International Criminal Court.
Allow me to ask the people of Norway and those who have conscious in the world to play an active role in this regard by asking their governments to take action for safety and security of Liberty residents.

Dear Friends,

In my trip to Oslo four years ago, I met with the late Gunnar Sonsteby, a Norwegian national hero in the resistance against the Nazis. He praised the resistance of the freedom fighters in Ashraf and told me that the Iranian Resistance has done what Norwegian resistance forces did during World War II when they blew up the heavy water nuclear reactor the Nazis had built in Norway.

We hold his memory dear today and he was indeed a symbol of Norway’s public conscience and of the resistance of its people and all of Europe. And congratulations to the Iranian people’s resistance for revealing the mullahs’ sinister nuclear program and for putting it in its present predicament.

Three months have passed since Iran’s religious tyrant bowed to the Geneva agreement, and eight months have passed since Khamenei was defeated in engineering an electoral victory, with Rouhani rising to be his president.

This turn of events confirms the predicament of the religious dictatorship in a crisis of survival.

The string of protests by the Bakhtiaries in the provinces of Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari, Khuzestan, and Isfahan, shows that Iranian society is anxious to overthrow the current tyranny.

The regime’s failed domestic and foreign policies and the continuation of public resistance and dissent only hasten Khamenei’s downfall.

Dear Friends,

Mullah Rouhani thinks that he can overcome the regime’s dilemma by taking a step backward and signing the nuclear agreement. But the agreement itself has become another bone of contention within the regime.

The loser in this game is the entire regime and especially Khamenei who was forced to retreat in earnest in the face of failure in the most strategic political and financial investment of his 20-year rule to obtain the nuclear bomb.

Recall that the Iranian Resistance has from the start, in opposition to this regime and to its allies and appeasers, declared that the nuclear weapons project runs counter to Iran’s national interests and is a treasonous act that should be rolled back.

This resistance movement exposed the Natanz and Arak nuclear sites 11 years ago while no one in the world knew about them until that moment.

This same resistance movement exposed the Fordow site near Qom nine years ago while the world powers ignored the revelation until four years later when the leaders of the US, France, and Britain broke their silence to warn about the site.

It is precisely these sites of Natanz, Arak, and Fordow that is now choking the regime in its crisis.

Khamenei and his gang should be held to account for why they spent 200 billion dollars of the Iranian nation’s plundered assets to build a nuclear bomb, and wasted the nation’s wealth for their evil interests and sunk the Iranian people into further poverty and hunger? They must be held accountable for the numerous cases of torture and executions to keep this sinister program under a cloak of secrecy.

These days we see that Khamenei, who claims leadership of the religious tyranny, deliberately distances himself from Rouhani’s government on the issue of nuclear negotiations and repeatedly voices dissatisfaction with the talks.

On February 18, he ironically promised that his regime would “not violate what it had agreed” to in the nuclear accord, but at the same time repeated that he is “not optimistic about the negotiations.” He said that he did not believe from the start that the talks would bear fruit and that the negotiations were the result of insistence by other officials of his regime.

The day after Khamenei’s remarks, the commander of the IRGC, General Mohammad-Ali Jafari said, “We are facing a crisis… the government has entered into talks to reduce the pressure of sanctions… but this is conditioned on not crossing any red lines…” He continued that the goal of the regime in the talks was to reduce the economic pressures of the sanctions and reiterated “for now we have to keep our silence and bear the lump in our throat because things are at a critical stage and we must maneuver with great care.”

The truth is that:
First, the reason that Khamenei is at the table at all is the major failure of the regime’s policies in all aspects of political and economic issues including international sanctions, and particularly under pressure of Iranian society’s opposition to this regime.

Second, Khamenei knows full well the consequences of drinking the chalice of poison and retreating from his nuclear projects, and so he is trying to distance himself from the negotiations in order to prepare the ground to renege and upend the negotiations if necessary. But it is clear that any reneging or return to his nuclear ambitions will put the regime into a destructive nosedive.

Third, Khamenei is intensifying the split at the top of his regime by distancing himself from Rouhani’s government. By raising the specter of dismissing the regime’s president, Khamenei is inevitably exposing the instability of his regime and intensifying it.

The religious dictatorship owes its survival to domestic suppression, export of terrorism and fanaticism, regional warmongering, and pursuit of the nuclear bomb. It is precisely the reason why it will not lose the chance to advance these policies as long as it is in power.

The solution to this crisis is nothing less than the overthrow of the entirety of this regime by the Iranian people and their resistance movement.

To quote Massoud (Rajavi) on this issue, “Resistance to this regime is our duty and our inalienable right. We have been and are at war with this regime whether it enriches or doesn’t enrich uranium, whether it has or doesn’t have nuclear weapons… The battle for freedom is the inalienable right of the Iranian people in all circumstances.”

It is necessary to emphasize here that at a time when the clerical regime is at its weakest point and has retreated one step from its nuclear program under pressure and in despair, the West must not provide it with any concessions in the nuclear talks by accepting anything less than the resolutions of the UN Security Council.

Permit me to categorically state that in all the past years, it has been the Western governments which through their incentives and concessions to the mullahs allowed this regime to come close to obtaining a nuclear bomb, and it has been the Iranian people and resistance that have cornered the regime. So gentlemen, do not blow this achievement with your same old policies.

Some like to apologize for this feckless Western policy by saying that the West is in a period of testing the clerical regime. As if the past eleven years are not enough for a test. Even so, if you don’t want this test to fail then for God’s sake show some spine.

Nothing is more harmful than to show weakness in pursuing the Geneva agreement.

So we tell Western governments:
• Set solid safeguards so that the mullahs do not obtain nuclear weapons. These safeguards cannot be anything less than shutting down nuclear sites, dismantling all centrifuges, completely ending uranium enrichment, forcing the mullahs to accept snap inspections, and the full implementation of UN Security Council resolutions.
• Force the Iranian regime to end torture and executions in Iran.
• Undercut this regime in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon and roll back its warmongering and terrorism apparatus in the region.
• Force them to end their ballistic missile program that has been banned under UN Security Council Resolution 1929

I would also like to remind politicians and businessmen who are restlessly jockeying to sign trade deals with the Iranian regime these days that you will not benefit a cent from Iran’s wrecked economy under the mullahs. Keep away from such deals as your main partner will be the IRGC and suppressive security services and you will not benefit from deals that lead to the further suppression of the Iranian people and the massacre of Syrian children and defenseless Iraqis.

Dear Friends of the Iranian Resistance,

I would like to conclude my remarks by commending Iranian associations of youth, women, physicians, lawyers, academics, and specialists. based in Norway and Scandinavia

Double your efforts in defense of freedom, human rights, and freedom fighters imprisoned in Liberty prison. Be the strong voice of the enchained people of Iran in the face of the mullahs’ unabated suppression and executions and tell Western governments not to close their eyes to these violations of human rights in Iran for the sake of their negotiations with the regime. Wage protest.

The people of Iran commend your worldwide campaign , especially the youth who have risen up against this regime. Your support gives them hope, particularly as the regime sinks further into a deadly crisis.

Increase your organizing, your solidarity, and expand your associations.

Your protests, hunger strikes, and your political, legal and financial campaigns, are all part of an unrelenting resistance movement for the overthrow of the enemy of the Iranian nation.

We have all pledged our lives to establish a republic based on the separation of religion and state, a pluralist society, gender equality, abolition of the death penalty, and a non-nuclear Iran.

Last week, Ukrainian people gained their freedom. Iran’s turn for freedom will undoubtedly come as well.
I congratulate the brave people of Ukraine and wish them success in pursuing their goals until their final victory.
The resistance and perseverance by the people of Ukraine and their rejection of any compromise and appeasement brought about the victory of freedom. This is a path upon which the Iranian Resistance insists.
This resistance movement represents the most urgent need of the Iranian nation for freedom and there is no doubt that we shall overcome.

Hail to the Iranian people
Long live freedom
Hail to the freedom fighters in Liberty
I salute you all

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