MEK Spokesperson Rejects Regime’s Lies About Attacking Civilians in Ahvaz

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Responding to the clerical regime’s attempts to blame the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MEK/PMOI) for attacking civilians in Ahvaz, a spokesperson of the MEK debunked these allegations. Citing the recently leaked documents from the regime’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs that revealed how the regime views the MEK as a serious threat, the organization’s spokesperson clarified how multiple ministries and state bodies synchronize and coordinate forces to defame, smear and terrorize the most organized and resourceful force of Iran’s Resistance. The MEK spokesperson statement is republished below:

MEK spox denies IRGC lies over MEK “attacking Ahvaz school”

MEK spox denies IRGC lies over MEK “attacking Ahvaz school”


Recently leaked regime Foreign Ministry documents shed light on the mullahs’ extensive “MEK discrediting” campaign

The Iranian regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and its terrorist Quds Force have published false reports in their media outlets claiming the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) has attacked a school in the city of Ahvaz in southwest Iran using homemade mortars.

“Based on incoming news reports and information, during the past few days in efforts by dissident groups focused on extending the crisis in the country’s schools, the [MEK] has launched its homemade mortars targeting a school in Ahvaz. Due to the fact that these mortar rounds lack necessary precision, they did not land on the school grounds and hit a nearby home,” according to a piece published by the Quds Force-associated Tasnim news agency on Thursday night.

An MEK spokesperson denied these allegations.

“The MEK has neither fired homemade mortar rounds in Ahvaz, nor have they targeted a school, and nothing has hit a residential home near a claimed school,” the MEK spokesperson added, describing these ridiculous fake news reports by the IRGC and its terrorist Quds Force as Tehran’s response to an ongoing campaign by brave youth across the country and their attacks targeting the IRGC and the regime’s crackdown apparatus. This especially includes the regime’s Foreign Ministry websites and applications being recently defaced and taken over by brave youths that are further revealing the regime’s criminal secrets.

One of the leaked Foreign Ministry documents, published by the “Ghiam Sarnegouni” (Uprising Until Overthrow) Telegram channel reads in part: “The Political Committee tasked to confront the (MEK) held six meetings from January 9, 2019, to February 4, 2021, chaired by the Foreign Minister’s Deputy in Political Affairs with representatives of all the following entities taking part (Ministry of Intelligence & Security (MOIS), the Quds Force, IRGC Intelligence, the State Security Forces, Interpol Police, Attorney General, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and all relevant Foreign Ministry departments). During the first four meetings, the efforts have been focused on monitoring and reporting the [MEK]’s activities and coming to a correct understanding of the [MEK]’s nature. Based on this foundation, the most important mission/task assigned to the Political Committee is to discredit the MEK and deny them their advantages and the values that they seek. Of course, it has been specified that this discrediting must be in all fields and not just politics. Only the political aspect of this discrediting campaign is appointed to this Committee, while all other matters are appointed to other committees. Furthermore, in the fifth and sixth sessions, the necessary methods to discredit the [MEK] were specified, and certain decisions were made. This report details the [MEK]’s important measures and strategies, and also provides a nature of the [MEK], along with the necessary solutions to discredit the [MEK]. This is the Political Committee’s responsibility. It is worth noting that the Secretariat of the Supreme National Security Council, by establishing the Political Committee, has appointed the MOIS as the entity responsible to confront the [MEK]. Other committees have been defined in order to use the full capacity of all entities in this regard. However, the MOIS is the main entity responsible for confronting the [MEK] and fulfilling the necessary measures.”

The report of the second session of the Foreign Ministry meeting aimed at confronting the MEK reads in part: “The [MEK] has intelligence capabilities and power. Among their other capabilities are recruiting and establishing contact with certain individuals and political figures in Europe. The [MEK] can inflict political, economic, and prestige blows to the Islamic Republic of Iran to a certain point that when it comes to sanctions, they have been very active in identifying the country’s elements that are involved in bypassing sanctions… they must be considered a serious threat.”

The report of the third session reads in part: “The [MEK], in contrast to the monarchists, have unity and organized ranks and files. The [MEK] has also announced that they are seeking to overthrow [the regime] by establishing Resistance Units. The [MEK] is not an alternative, yet they are the only organization that has an agenda to be an alternative. Therefore, the [MEK] are both a dissident group [seeking to overthrow the regime], an alternative, and very persistent… in general, the [MEK] have certain capabilities, including collecting intelligence, centralized leadership, economic and social abilities.”

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