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Iran: The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Is Currently “in Coma”

Iran: The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Is Currently “in Coma”

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By Shahriar Kia

Most state media platforms show hopelessness in JCPOA’s future.

According to the Nuclear Policy Specialist and former Iranian Ambassador in Germany – Hossein Mousavian – JCPOA “is currently in the emergency room and in coma”. (December 1st 2018; Mardom Salari Newspaper).

Hassan Rouhani and his government are making every effort to bring JCPOA out of this coma and back to normal, but the Europe’s proposed mechanism proves to be inefficient in fighting off US Sanctions.

Truth is, Europe doesn’t hold much power to handle US sanctions, and the inefficiency of its proposed mechanism has also been acknowledged by the regime itself!

Arman Newspaper (which is in affiliation with Rouhani’s government) recently published a segment titled “the European mechanism is somewhat limited”, describing that “France, England and Germany, are attempting to maintain their JCPOA agreements for security and political reasons. Due to the inefficiency of their current mechanism, they’re looking for an improved newer version… but their proposed idea does not sound all that feasible”. (December 1st 2018; Arman)

According to Arman Newspaper, the proposed mechanism doesn’t have the capacity to fight US sanctions and even if so, it will have certain limitations. In other words, any ongoing trades with Iran will have to be goods for goods or oil for food. Either way, it won’t help the regime overcome any of its political or economic challenges.

Keyhan Newspaper, which is also affiliated with Khamenei recently commented in this regard, labelling the new mechanism as “a new hat for Iran’s financial channel, minus the oil!”, expanding that “after 7 whole months of waiting, we’re now told that the proposed mechanism of Europe which we don’t even know the exact commencement date for, won’t be covering our oil at all”. (December 1st 2018)

In another article titled “Europe lied to us for 8 months and is still lying now”, which refers to the interview of Abbas Araghchi and Japan’s Kyodo News, it’s mentioned that “the economic benefits of JCPOA have dropped for Iran. And if they continue to do so, the agreement will eventually ‘die out’, meaning that Europe’s efforts will be ultimately useless”.

Araghchi’s confession clearly indicates that even if Europe’s mechanism is successfully implemented, it still won’t have much economic use for Iran’s regime.

According to Javan Newspaper, Zarif and his deputy “have slowly been changing their political ways towards Europe”, and “increasingly criticising European ideas” (December 1st 2018).

In summary, the idea that JCPOA is in coma proves to be true; the ‘open wounds’ between Europe’s theoretical claims and practical actions is at a very deadly stage now, in other words, their lack of an efficient plan is jeopardising the very same agreement that they’re meant to protect, i.e., the JCPOA.