Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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Iran-Nuclear: Dissidents say Iran misled IAEA inspectors on recent tour

Ali SafaviNCRI, VIENNA – In a press conference by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) here today, the clerical regime’s ploy to mislead the UN nuclear inspectors was unveiled.

Quoting Ali Safavi of the NCRI, the Associated Press reported that the Iranian regime has been keeping the inspectors away from a secret underground uranium enrichment facility during a recent tour of a restricted military site.
“The mullahs managed to take the IAEA inspectors for a big ride,” said Ali Safavi, adding that the inspectors were shown a non-nuclear military site in the north of the 10-kilometer (6-mile) -long Parchin complex that was furthest away from the enrichment facility in the far south of the area.
He said officials had recently lined the walls of the tunnels with lead to contain radioactivity and avoid detection of enrichment.
Three years ago, according to AP, NCRI disclosed information about two hidden nuclear
sites that helped uncover nearly two decades of covert Iranian atomic activity and sparked present fears that Tehran wants to build a bomb.
Initial results of environmental samples from the Parchin site have shown no trace of radiation but IAEA officials have said further results are needed to reach a conclusion. U.S. officials say the site may be part of Iran’s nuclear arms research program.
Officials at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna declined comment on the allegations that IAEA inspectors were misled or shown something they did not want to see, said AP report.