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Send mullahs’ nuclear file to Security Council and support democratic change in Iran

NCRI – The following is the resolution of the gathering by Iranians outside the IAEA Headquarters in Vienna on November 24:

We have gathered here today, as the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency is holding a meeting in Vienna to reach a decision concerning the referral of Tehran’s nuclear file to the United Nations Security Council.
We have also gathered as the mullahs’ unrelenting efforts to obtain nuclear arms in a blatant violation of its international obligations and Tehran’s direct and indirect terrorist and fundamentalist meddling in Iraq, including its role in setting up secret prisons and tortures centers in that country has aroused international outrage and concern.
We have come here today to declare in unison with the Iranian people,
1.    After 20 years of concealment, deception and delay and following the failure of all efforts and the futility of all possible incentives to convince the ruling theocracy to halt its ominous nuclear weapons, the IAEA Board of Governors must refer Tehran’s nuclear file to the United Nations Security without further delay so that binding decisions, including comprehensive oil and technological embargo, are taken.
2.    At a time when the clerical regime has impudently not only rejected international demands, including those by the IAEA, but has blatantly violated the Agency’s September 24 resolution and continued its nuclear activities, the wait-and-see attitude and giving the mullahs more opportunity – the other side of the policy of appeasement – only sends a message of weakness and emboldens the religious, terrorist dictatorship to continue its efforts to obtain the A-bomb.
3.    Any delay in referring Tehran’s nuclear file to the Security Council would push the sole state sponsor of terror in the world toward obtaining the world’s most dangerous weapons. This would make war or a foreign military intervention inevitable and cause a catastrophe of global dimensions.
4.    The only real and effective option to prevent war and the only definitive way to end the Tehran regime’s nuclear threat as well as its policy of exporting terrorism and fundamentalism to the countries in the region is to support democratic change by relying on the Iranian people and the Iranian Resistance. This is the third option, which was first proposed by the Iranian Resistance’s President-elect Maryam Rajavi at the European Parliament last December.
5.    The terror label against the principle Iranian opposition movement, the People’s Mojahedin, has acted as the greatest obstacle to democratic change and must therefore be removed and place around the neck of the mullahs as the sole state sponsor of terrorism in the world today. This label, which constitutes the most disgraceful aspect of the policy of appeasement, has blocked the vast portion of the Resistance’s social, political, intelligence and financial potential and capacities. As pre-eminent international and European jurists and lawyers as well as many lawmakers in European countries have underscored, the inclusion of the PMOI in the terrorist list has no legal basis and only undermines the war against terror.

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