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On the eve of Hassan Rouhani trip Iranians protest mullahs’ executions, terror, extremism

On the eve of the trip to Paris by the mullahs’ president Hassan Rouhani, a week of campaigning will begin on Sunday, January 24 in protest to the wave of executions in Iran and Tehran’s export of terrorism and extremism and their support for Bashar al-Assad in the massacre of the people of Syria.

The campaigning will come to a climax on January 28 when there will be a major rally by Iranians and their international supporters as well as French citizens.

Several French Parliamentary committees comprised of members of the National Assembly and Senate, and Parliamentary committees from other European countries, dozens of NGOs including France-Libertés, several French student unions and University professors unions and more than 300 Iranian associations from across Europe are sponsoring or supporting the call to rally on January 28.

Simultaneously, there will be an extensive internet campaign highlighting the various aspects of the situation in Iran, with particular focus on Rouhani’s near-3-year record.

Events set to take place during the week-long campaign will include:

January 24 – Declaration by French mayors condemning human rights violations in Iran and supporting the Iranian Resistance
January 25 – Announcement of support of Mayor of Paris’ 1st District for No To Rouhani rally
January 25 – Announcement of support of Mayor of Paris’ 2nd District for No To Rouhani rally
January 26 – A call by the Committee of French Muslims Against Extremism and for Human Rights
January 26 – A call by human rights organizations and Parliamentary groups condemning widespread human rights abuses in Iran and demanding Rouhani be held accountable for these crimes
January 27 – Rally in central Paris
January 27 – Candle-lit vigil in central Paris in the evening in memory of victims of human rights violations during Rouhani’s presidency.

Organizing committee for the January 28, 2016 rally & demonstration