Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Political Prisoners’ Letter to U.N. Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Iran

NCRI – In a letter to UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran ‘Mrs. Asma Jahangir’, political prisoners in Gohardasht prison ( West Tehran) have warned over Mullahs regime’s oppressive measures.

Titled ‘Human rights beaten down by blows of dictator’, the letter reads:

Widespread violation of human rights is still going on in Iran under the ruling of vilayat-e-faqih, while we believe that the society and social bodies have never before been so close to a disaster.

Targeted, systematic repression of workers, and humiliating and degrading the sacred place of teachers and holding them captive have forced activists like Esmaeil Abdi to turn to hunger strike and put their lives at serious risk so as to raise their human, legal demands.

Taking human rights activists’ captive, putting 85-year-old ‘Dr. Maleki’ under pressure, banning him from leaving the country and preventing his treatment so as to repress the public and human rights activists are rejected as inhumane acts.

Increased number of executions and filing of security lawsuits, repression and torture of followers of non-Shiite religions and Iranian ethnic groups, monopolizing national wealth and power and put them in possession of such pressure security bodies as the Revolutionary Guards and the notorious Intelligence Ministry, expanding terrorism and fundamentalism in the name of exporting revolution, intervention in the affairs of regional countries so as to fuel ethnic-religious tensions and extend the vilayat-e-faqih hegemony, depriving women of all their social and civil rights, putting terrible restrictions on sportswomen, destroying and degrading human dignity, and explicit opposition of the black and white turbaned to UN’s 2030 agenda are only a small part of the human disasters in our country.

We, the political prisoners and signers of this letter, ask human rights organizations to immediately address the life-threatening situation of Esmaeil Abdi, Dr. Maleki, and other prisoners of conscience on hunger strike. We also explicitly declare that regime leader as the country’s first person is first and foremost responsible for life and treatment of all political and human rights activists, and prisoners of conscience.

Prisoners of conscience in Gohardasht Prison, Karaj