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Iran: Family of seven killed by husband due to extreme poverty

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Children living in poor condition in IranNCRI - Under the pressure of extreme poverty, a man gassed his wife and six children to death in Tabriz, provincial capital of Azerbaijan. The mother, 41, was found suffocated along with her children aged between four and 14. The husband hanged himself after killing the whole family.

The judge dealing with this case stated that when the family's house was searched, they could only find some bread, a small piece of cheese and an apple. It was clear that the family did not have enough to eat.

The news of this horrific incident stunned local residents on Monday. They were outraged by the horrific news and wondered where all the oil revenue was going. People are extremely angry as Iran is the second major oil exporter and the clerical regime spends billions of dollars on its nuclear weapons program.

According to official survey in Iran, 80 percent of the population live under poverty line.