NCRI - Iran's  suicide rate has climbed over 13 percent in one year with  11 Iranians on average taking their lives every day, according to the statistics by Iran's forensic medicine.

Ahmad Shojaei, the director of state forensic medicine (Legal Medicine Organization), declared  4,055 Iranians have committed suicide last year.

Shojaie said: "This figure is very disturbing and indicates that the psychological state of the society is not desirable."

According to the figures published in the website of the organization there has been a 13 percent increase in suicides in the first quarter of last year compared to the same period in the previous year.

No information has been published on the individual cases but the reports in the state-run media outlets and by the people indicate that the barbaric oppression and inhumane policies of the regime are the main cause of a sharp increase in suicides. 

On January 21, a young street vendor committed suicide by throwing himself under a train in protest at the confiscation of his petty merchandise by Tehran’s municipal agents. His body was gruesomely cut in half under the wheels of a train.

This shocking incident happened in the Tehran’s Golbarg metro station after the regime’s agents, who are accustomed to extorting and plundering the property of workers, confiscated the goods of this deprived young man that were worth less than three dollars and were his only means of supporting his family. He had told the agents that if they did not return his petty merchandise he would throw himself under the train, but the agents paid no heed to his request.

On January 26, Khossrow Haidarian, a fired laborer of Fouland Mobarakeh and a local of Najafabad, in Isfahan, jumped from the fifth floor of an unfinished apartment building in protest at unemployment and poverty. Before he committed suicide, he threw one hundred copies of a letter he had written from the top of the building, in which he said: “Everyone should know that the great ruler of this country is responsible for my death. Despite working 14 hours a day, I cannot pay my debts.”

On February 1, a young woman of 29 from Andimeshk, in Khuzestan Province, which is one of the country's main oil-rich provinces, set herself ablaze and ended her life after her husband was fired from the factory. She left behind a seven-year-old daughter.

On February 2, a 35-year-old man from the town of Kangan, in Bushehr Province, hanged himself in his home. His suicide incited anger among the people.

On February 3, a man named Hossein, from the city of Ilam, set himself ablaze due to the pressure of poverty. He was married and had three children.

On February 5, the shocking picture of the suicide of a deprived young man in Ahvaz was disseminated by the media on a large scale.

Also, on February 6, a 27-year-old man named Arash Pashaei, who was in Unit 4 of the Ghezel Hessar Prison, hanged himself to end nine years of suffering in prison.

As the Iranian people are struggling with many hardships, billions of dollars of their wealth is being wasted every year by the mullahs’ regime in their ominous nuclear weapons project, the export of terrorism to the countries of the region including  Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Bahrain.



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