NCRI - According to the head of the National Drought and Disaster Management of Meteorological Organizations, some %84 of Iran is facing some degree of drought and 10% of the country is at risk of “severer drought.”

On Friday, January 13, state-run ISNA news agency quoting Shahrokh Fateh, head of the national meteorological organization, wrote: “Based on the SPEI index (internationally recognized system for measuring drought), in the past twelve months ending in December, there are mild to severe droughts in many parts of the country.”

According to ISNA, “some %33 of the area of the country has mild drought, %41 has moderate drought, %10 has severe drought, and %0.2 has very severe drought.”

In his interview, Fateh described as worrying the “severe and extreme drought” in areas that are known to as the source of providing water to the country and important centers of population including Tehran, Alborz, and north Khorasan.

According to his statements, based on SPEI index, in the 84 months ending in December 2016, some %83 of Iran’s areas is grappling with the phenomenon of drought. “Of this amount, %21 has faced mild drought, %40 has faced moderate drought, %18 has faced severe drought and %3 has faced extreme drought and in comparison only %3 percent of the country is in wet and humid condition and the rest of the country which includes %14 of the country’s areas are in normal condition,” he said.

Earlier, Gary Louis, head of the UN office in Tehran responsible for coordinating implementation of UN Charter in Iran, has warned about this situation. He had warned that Iran would get hotter and dryer and said the decisions made by the Iranian government (regime) in the past 30 to 40 years are the main reasons for current environmental challenges in Iran.

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