NCRI - The political prisoner Arjang Davoudi, now serving his prison sentence at Zabol Prison in exile, has in a letter reacted to Hasssan Rouhani’s recent comments denouncing building walls between countries:

Lies and hypocrisy for how long?

Hassan Rouhani has always been the main accomplice in countless crimes committed by the terrorist Iranian regime.

This deceitful Mullah has shamelessly claimed at the so-called tourist guides convention on Saturday January 30 that the era of building walls between nations is over, implicitly referring to a move by the new US President to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, while pointing to the fall of the Berlin Wall. This is despite the fact that a 200-km, 4-meter-high reinforced concrete wall equipped with cameras was built in 2012 between Iran and Afghanistan, a country which until 150 years ago was part of Great Iran and its people speak the same language as ours. Besides, another 150-km earthen wall has been built on the north bank of Helrmand River, also known as the joint river (between Sistan and Baluchestan Province in Iran and Nimrooz Province in Afghanistan).

Sadly, these two earthen and concrete walls have been built 15 kilometers away from the main border inside Afghanistan, given rise to the problems of its own.

Despite all this, how come the criminal Rouhani hypocritically tells such big lies while looking the world in the eye?

Political prisoner Arjang Davoudi, Zabol Central Prison
January 28, 2017

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