NCRI - The mullah presiding over Friday prayers in Tehran referred to the Iranian regime’s domestic and international isolation, and the threat of uprisings erupting similar to those of 2009 due to the rifts caused amongst the regime’s factions because of the presidential elections.

“Social media, various social problems and other issues are threatening our society today,” said Kazem Sedighi.

“The enemy’s goal is to depict this belief amongst the people that the government has unsolvable dilemmas and if sanctions continue people will no longer be able to make ends meet… and to say the establishment is incapable,” he added.

Mullah Alam al-Hoda, the representative of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, made interesting remarks about the people’s hate and anger regarding the regime.

“Those who promote overthrowing the establishment,… they are hoping a laic current will start running the government, in order to deliver blows to the establishment and have it overthrown. This is how foreigners are thinking,” he said.

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