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Iran: 20 Suicides and 4 Deaths Due to Horrible Conditions in the Quake-Riddled Regions

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NCRI Staff

NCRI - A member of the Iranian parliament says the number of suicides in the earthquake-affected areas of Kermanshah is increasing.

Shahab Naderi, in an interview with the parliament news agency of the regime called ‘the House of Mellat’, stated that there were four fatalities in the freezing cold weather, and at least 20 people had committed suicide. According to these statistics, the number of casualties will certainly rise on daily bases.

He told government officials: Which decent person could approve that elementary students study under a tent?

He confessed that: Some officials showed up in the earthquake-affected areas, and made promises that none of them have been implemented, they force people to wait, but it is very difficult for people to tolerate these conditions.

Shahab Naderi added: Today some politicians have turned helping out the quake riddled areas into a political and factional issue, which is not acceptable to anyone, there is a lot of pressure on the people, and people in rural areas with no shelter are in very difficult conditions.

The member of the Economic Commission of the Iranian Parliament, stated that the damaged houses and affected earthquake areas have been safety ranked, but such rankings are not correct at all, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 on Richter scale, and 1,307 aftershocks of different strengths have occurred, which means no longer any of the Houses enjoy the required strength.

Stating that 30 births have occurred in the earthquake-affected areas, he stressed that the majority of the new born babies do not have proper conditions and they are dying due to the lack of facilities and heating equipment.

Naderi added: During the night of the earthquake, due to closure of the only access road in the area because of the cliffs falling, there was no possibility of assistance and this caused an increase in the casualties.